3 Things to Say on First Date to Make It LESS Awkward

Oh, those awkward first dates – makes you want to hate the whole dating thing… Well, you don’t necessarily have to hate it! There’s a way out…

Assuming that you’ve been on at least several first dates with sexy women, you probably know how awkward they can be.

Sweating from nervousness, not knowing what to say, overthinking everything to not sound stupid, trying to recall everything you’ve read on the Internet to make a better impression but failing hard…

We know how that feels.

But hey, what if we tell you that you can say just a few words within the first 5minutes to make the firstdate LESS awkward?

The problem with online dating is that both parties tend to feel a little weird about the entire experience of online dating.

But we get it. The two of you used to stare at one another’s profile picture and type in messages on your phone, but now you’re actually having physical contact and staring into one another’s eyes.

You can’t date girls online unless you muster up the courage to look her straight in the eyes on your first date and defuse the awkward first-date situation.

To do that, simply embrace the fact that the two of you met on dating website. After all, there’s nothing weird about it.

Say this, “Wow, you’re so much more gorgeous in real life,” or get a little bit cheesy by saying, “I liked you when I saw your profile picture, but now I feel like I’m falling in love.”date girls online

These kind of phrases signal to your date that you’re okay with the fact that you met online (and so should she), and you get to compliment her looks right away, reassuring her that you like her.

Follow-up: as an idea to get your conversation going after that phrase, you can share hilarious first date stories about the people you had met through online dating.

Look, you may have nothing in common whatsoever, but the one thingyou’re guaranteed to have in common is the fact that you both hang out on online dating websites.

‘Tell me about your day’

When people meet for first date, they usually go for “How are you?” straight away, but after hearing the answer, they stand there looking dumb and not knowing what to say next.

Instead, say this, “Tell me about your day so far.” It’s a pretty bad ass way to start a conversation, because there’s a very low probability that she’ll say just one word.

Her answer will most likely provide you the material to pick up and carry it into a conversation.

Follow-up: For example, she tells you this, “Well, I woke up, binge-watched House of Cards – which, by the way, I love – and didn’t even realize it was 8pm already so I had to quickly hit the shower, put makeup on and dress to not be late. I hope it’s not that obvious from my looks that I was getting ready in a hurry!”

First of all, acknowledge the fact that she looks gorgeous – and you can even say something under the lines of, “Well, from what I’m seeing – it looks like you had the entire team of makeup artists and stylists working on you – that’s how amazing you look!”

And then you could react to her binge-watching House of Cards, by asking, “What season are you watching? Spoiler alert, but I think Frank Underwood is the type of President our country needs today!”

“So, I wanted to ask you about this yesterday in online chat…”

If you’re on a first date with a woman you met online, you’ve most likely chatted for hours, days or even weeks before agreeing to go on the first date.

It sure feels awkward to be taking your online conversation to a physical face-to-face conversation over dinner. But it shouldn’t be.

The sooner you jump into your conversation and maintain the same tone you stuck to during your online conversation (sarcastic, funny, serious, whatever it was), the less awkward your first date will be.

The best thing to say is this, “So, I wanted to ask you about this yesterday in online chat [insert something you’re genuinely interested in finding out about your date].”

Saying that “so” as the first word is very important, because it shows that you’re getting straight to the point and you’re easing into the conversation to make it less awkward.

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