4 Girls Who Love Sports Looking For Love NOW!

Can there possibly be anything better than dating a hot russian girl that loves sports, works out regularly, and has a big round butt from all that squatting and twerking?

Turns out, there are plenty of sexy russian females that love sports hanging out on russian dating websites. And you know what they say about girls that work out: a stress-free life, no laziness (think: dinners every day!) and a hot, post-workout sex!

We’ve selected 4 best russian women online dating who love working out, who’re in a stunning shape and – most importantly – are still single!

Bonus tip: hot girls of russia who work out are competitive, so if you’re looking for russian girl – be sure to be competitive as well. She’ll love it!

russian women online dating

Lera, 20,a beautiful Russian girl from Charmdate !

This gorgeous 20-year-old brunette is looking for “the other half” on CharmDate. Like many other sexy russian females on russian girl online dating website, Lera wants to find true love.

On her profile pictures, Lera shows off her sexy round butt, which surely cost her hundreds of hours in the gym! And it definitely pays off!

Lera is a hot russian girl that never smokes and never drinks. Smoking and drinking doesn’t do no good to your booty! And Lera knows it better than anyone else.

Although Lera thinks she has “little chance” to find true love, she’s an optimist who believes in miracles. Can you become that miracle for Lera?

hot russian girl

Alina, 22,say hi to her !

This hot russian girl with a beautiful name Alina is very gentle and passionate. Alina is looking for a caring man who would steal her heart.

Not only does Alina work out regularly, but also cooks delicious food and keeps her house clean. So on top of having that sexy, athletic body, the 22-year-old brunette also can be the perfect dater!

And you know what they say about perfect dater – men fight for them more ferociously than they do at 8 am in the morning in the line for hot coffee. So hurry up – don’t waste your chance to initiate russian girls online chat.

Alina, who says she never smokes but can drink on occasion, is looking for a man who would be her leader and would guide her and teach her things.

looking for russian girl

Dariya, 19,a single hot russian girl !

If you’re looking for russian girl – that would be young, stunningly beautiful and would love sports – then Dariya, a hot russian brunette, might be your best choice.

Dariya is the combination of sexiness, intelligence and confidence – it’s all in this petite Russian lady that loves cooking, dancing and working out!

Dariya is only learning English while studying to be a lawyer. The hot russian girl says that her heart knows no sorrow or injuries of the past.

Dariya describes herself as a passionate and sensual lover – and with the sexy body that she has – it’s all that any man can wish for in a partner!

 hot russian girl

Nastenka, 20,have a Wonderful Date with her on Charmdate !

Nastenka is a long-legged hot brunette from Russia who leads a very active lifestyle.

Besides working out in the gym to keep herself in excellent shape (just check those slim, long legs!), Nastenka also loves dancing and hiking.

But being pretty is not the only thing that this hot russian girl can do to convince you to put a ring on her finger – Nastenka also loves to cook delicious food and keeps the house clean.

With the body and height (180cm) of a Victoria’s Secret model, Nastenka says she wants her man to be proud of her.

Like most other sporty sexy russian females out there, Nastenka doesn’t drink and never smokes. She simply has no time to – look at that gorgeous body! It requires proper maintenance in the gym!

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