Margarita, 23: hot Russian blonde with perfect body, loves to have fun

Margarita is a hot Russian blonde seeking a smart man with a good sense of humor who’d be tender and strong at the same time.

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Life  with Margarita is like waking up next to the Sun that is shining with natural beauty on you. What can possibly be a better start of your day than seeing Margarita’s smile first thing in the morning?

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Connect with Margaritaa hot Ukrainian lady

And Margarita – or as Russians like to say ‘Rita’ – does have a gorgeous smile!

Margarita is only 23 years old, but she has achieved a lot in her life already:

  • She holds a Master’s degree;
  • She achieved a stunning, lean and flexible body through gymnastics and dancing (Margarita is only 110 lbs, 50 kg, which for her height of 5’9’’, 175 cm, means she has the body of a supermodel!);
  • Margarita a philanthropist and does her best to help children without parents (be sure, she’ll be a great mother!);
  • She has a fair level of English, which for a russian woman is a pretty big achievement because russia school girlsusually don’t study the English language well;
  • She can cook (= she’ll be a great date)!
  • And last but not least, she doesn’t smoke and drink! And that’s a huge ‘+’ point, because it feels as if every girl and woman is smoking and boozing nowadays (told you she’s one of a kind).

Margarita might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re seeking russian ladies looking for love.

At her 23, Margarita has never been married and has no children. If you’re into zodiac signs, Margarita is Leo. This lady russia is the epitome of beauty. Just like the vast majority of russian girls, Margarita has blonde, straight hair.

Margarita will be a perfect life companion and will be your treasury of motivation. Rita loves to give positive emotions and to smile – don’t ever expect to see her sad or angry!

Margarita also loves reading, traveling, hiking and outdoor activities – so be sure that she’ll be a fun and smart person to spend your vacation with, or to simply drink tea and talk about your favorite books or past travel experiences.

In her childhood, Margarita dreamed of becoming a doctor. Though her childhood dream didn’t come true, it doesn’t mean this gorgeous Russian blonde can’t help people around her.

In fact, Margarita loves helping people. In addition to helping kids who have no parents, Rita likes to do good things to people and spread the love. Be sure that she’ll equally care, please and support her husband.

If you’re a foreign man and have tried to meet russians in london or los angeles – or wherever you went looking for gorgeous russian ladies – you don’t need to look no more. Here she is – the perfect russian girl.

If you’re seeking russian ladies for dating on russian women net website, it’s your lucky day! Margarita is looking for a man who always gets what he wants. So if you truly want Rita – and she sees it – and plus you’re an interesting guy with a good sense of humor, you have a lucky chance to chat with Margarita!

Bonus points if you love dancing, because Margarita is very passionate about dancing. Imagine all those fun nights when you can wrap your arm around her waist and just dance for hours! I told you Rita is fun!

If you want to seek a russian woman who would be a great life companion, supportive gorgeous partner that adores your kids together, consider putting a ring on Margarita’s finger, because she’s single! But not for long, so hurry up!

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