3 Things to Say on First Date to Make It LESS Awkward

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Oh, those awkward first dates – makes you want to hate the whole dating thing… Well, you don’t necessarily have to hate it! There’s a way out… Assuming that you’ve been on at least several first dates with sexy women, you probably know how awkward they can be. Sweating from nervousness, not knowing what to say, overthinking everything to not sound stupid, trying to recall everything you’ve read on the Internet … Continue Reading

What to Text to A Woman You Like: When Too Much Is Too Much and Too Soon Is Too Soon?

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Let’s say you go to a bar to meet single russian ladies and you get a phone number from a hot girl. How soon do you send her a text and what do you write to her in the first text? And how many texts should you send before asking her on a date? Let’s answer all of these questions and get to the bottom of what to text to a … Continue Reading

4 Girls Who Love Sports Looking For Love NOW!

Can there possibly be anything better than dating a hot russian girl that loves sports, works out regularly, and has a big round butt from all that squatting and twerking? Turns out, there are plenty of sexy russian females that love sports hanging out on russian dating websites. And you know what they say about girls that work out: a stress-free life, no laziness (think: dinners every day!) and a hot, post-workout sex! We’ve selected … Continue Reading

Reasons she is faking it

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So this may come as a surprise to many many many men, and the reason I had to add that many many is because it’s surprising how true it is. Well, let’s just say none of you really know when she fakes it. So let us first understand the world of women. Okay so first of all women are under immense pressure, whether it is home life, or work, or … Continue Reading

Who is better? European woman or American women? To date or be friends with

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Who has more variety? If you want to find more variety, then you need to look for American girls to date, European girls tend to be similar in their looks, and therefore you will not have a lot of variety when it comes to them. For example if you are looking at the New York or the Boston Subway, you are more likely to see a lot of different women. … Continue Reading

Ukrainian VS Russian, What Are The Differences?

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A bigger percentage of foreigners tend to conclude that Russian women and Ukrainian women are all the same. We can forgive them for that conclusion, after all both are Slavic nations and share to a great extent some heritage. However, these two groups – Russian and Ukrainian women – are different and you shall soon find out how. In a nutshell, some people who have had a firsthand experience with the two … Continue Reading

Margarita, 23: hot Russian blonde with perfect body, loves to have fun

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Margarita is a hot Russian blonde seeking a smart man with a good sense of humor who’d be tender and strong at the same time. If you’re this type of guy and you’re seeking russian ladies for dating, you might want to check out Margarita’s profile on CharmDate. Life  with Margarita is like waking up next to the Sun that is shining with natural beauty on you. What can possibly be … Continue Reading

How Can I Ask Online Girlfriend to Send Personal Pics

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I bet you’ve heard this phrase on the Internet dozens of times, “tits or gtfo.” Both men and women seem to enjoy sending their personal pics online – even if it means sending them to a complete stranger. And while obviously everybody is concerned for their privacy and as those personal pics may leak online, there’s something about taking risks that attracts russian hoties on online dating websites. Getting your online girlfriend on … Continue Reading


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Mila Kunis Are Russian girls pretty? You will get your answer when you see this celebrity. Mila Kunis is one of most sexy Russian girls in the USA. She was born in 1983 in Ukraine and moved to the USA when she was 7. She started her acting career at the age of 9 with Make a Wish, Molly. It was just beginning. She proved herself one of the most … Continue Reading


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Humans are highly social beings. We like to be surrounded by friends and family to share our personal experiences with one another. Not surprisingly, the evolution has strongly favored the development of our social behavior. Thus the premise has been established that our desire to interact with more and more people is just an evolutionary process. But friends only do not serve the purpose. There has to be one person … Continue Reading