Gift Ideas That Your Russian Girlfriend Will Definitely NOT Appreciate

There’s a popular song in Russia that has taught millions of Russian men that “Diamonds are women’s best friends.” But does it mean you should buy your Russian girlfriend diamonds for her every birthday, Christmas, holiday, anniversary and other occasions? Or is it flowers? Or is it toys?,Why are Russian women so hot

Well, definitely not the toys, because, apparently, sexy Russian girls do not think toys is a lovely gift. Do you want to know what other gifts are considered distasteful, annoying, or even rude by Russian singles ladies?

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we decided it will be a good idea to ask around Russian girls chat room on online dating sites to find out what gifts are the least appreciated by Russian women.

Gifts that Russian women will not appreciate

While most Russian girls have no idea what they would like to get as a present, the vast majority of them know exactly what they would not want to get. Unfortunately, not every Russian woman is forthright and outspoken when it comes to admitting what she would like to get as a gift for her birthday or holidays.

What you need to know is that when it comes to buying gifts for Russian women, there are certain gifts you need to avoid at all cost if you don’t want to ruin your relationship or destroy your chances to start a relationship with this girl.

Home appliances are a bad gift idea for Russian women

“Whenever a man brings me a home appliance – like, a juicer, washing machine, or a new vacuum cleaner – I cannot help but think that this is actually a gift for himself,” says Olya, 23. “I don’t want to feel as if with this gift you are trying to preoccupy me in the kitchen cooking food for you and cleaning home for you. If you want to give me a gift that I will remember forever, give me your personal attention on that day.”

Soft toy is another terrible gift idea

“I am 32, and my former husband kept giving me soft toys as a gift for my birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions,” complains Natasha, 32, a Russian girlfriend dating currently looking for a new husband on online dating sites. “To tell you the truth, unless it is a present for a Russian girl under 18, soft toys will end up collecting dust.”

Soap bars, bath salts, and towels for hot Russian women… or not?,Russian Girlfriend,

“In recent years, women Russian hot have noticed that their men keep giving them a bar of soap, bath salts or towels as a present year by year,” says Irina, 28. “I mean, when I received it for the first time, I thought to myself, “How sweet!” but when my boyfriend made it his only gift idea for me, it became the most annoying gift, and I’m sure many Russian women will agree on this one.”

Gadgets and home electronics (unless it’s a new iPhone)

“In Russia, only a small percentage of guys give gadgets or home electronics as a gift to their women,” says Karina, 25. “But for guys trying to meet Russian women in America and other countries, gadgets seem to be the most popular – and distasteful present – unless it’s the newest iPhone! What I mean is this: if you know for a fact that your girlfriend or wife wants this particular phone or other gadget, go get it. If you don’t, this is not a practical gift, nor is it romantic.”

Gift cards as a way of saying ‘I couldn’t be bothered’

“Gift cards have been all the rage recently, as an increasing number of women keep getting gift cards as a present from their boyfriends and husbands,” explains Anastasia, 26. “To tell you the truth, there’s no better way of saying “I couldn’t be bothered with choosing a gift for you, so here’s this…” than to give your significant other a gift card.”

Clothes and pets

In addition to these five terrible gift ideas for Russian women, a large percentage of Russians also agreed that clothes and pets are not the best gift ideas for Russian girls (unless you know for a fact that your girl wants this particular piece of clothing, and you know her size, or she kept telling you how she wanted this particular pet).

Many men keep wondering “Why are Russian women so hot,” but only a few of them realize that they can get dating any of these Russian beauties by simply knowing what gifts are most appreciated by Russian girls.

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