Fall In Love All Over Again At These Enchanting Destinations In Russia

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Once known for its very carefully preserved closed society, Russia has become one of the most popular destinations in the world, especially for lovebirds, in a remarkably short period of time. Indeed, compared to other countries, it has not been very long since this nation has opened its doors to the world of tourists and already people have gone (and are still going) gaga over its white beauty. Well, Russia … Continue Reading

Top 6 Popular Cities In Russia

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When it comes to Russia, we usually think of Russian beauties. Well, Single member are just one treasure of this nation, tourism is also an important factor attracting visitors to come. Here several recommended cities are listed: 1.Moscow Being the capital and the largest city of Russia, Moscow is both a world-famous ancient city and a modern cosmopolis. “If by life you were deceived, don’t be dismal, don’t be wild. In … Continue Reading

10 Fun Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love With Russia


Russia is probably best described as the land of contrasts. Described through centuries as the land of unimaginable wealth and extreme poverty, legendary great thinkers and unkind rulers, uneasy administration and warm welcome – Russia, to say the least, is mind-boggling. The world has long been charmed by all that Russia has to offer including ice-capped landscapes, sun-kissed shores, dense woods, mysterious lakes, rich history, mind-blowing liquor and ballet dances. … Continue Reading