CharmDate Reveals: Dating Helps You Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Dating to stay fit might seem like the opposite to what your mind is displaying in your head right now. New tools like online dating sites offer filters to find a significant other with whom to connect in a different level. Experts are saying that a bond coming from shared fitness goals is stronger than most.

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Although some might think that dating can be a hazard to your healthy-eating habits, the truth is that dating can help you be fitter than ever before. According to most users, online dating apps and their questionnaires to assess users before starting their journey to love, help them filter people who have the same healthy fitness goal as they do. This way, they can turn regular dating into a different, more modern type which includes healthy food and activities. This shift has given more air to the whole dating issue that was getting a little old.

The first thing that most women look for when searching inside a man´s profile is his interests. If you are a healthy-oriented man, you should upload your photos running a marathon or sweating in an early-morning session in your favorite gym. What used to be cool about your night out and the selfie in the bathroom has been replaced by the best selfie pushing yourself harder at six in the morning at the gym. If this is you and create a profile to show this to your potential partners, then the result might be to have a date with a like-minded person.

Most people at serious date sites are looking for something more than just an average night out. Matching with someone at a deeper level might mean to share some interests and priorities in life. Fitness is definitely one of them. In order to pursue a healthy, fit and happy life, you should definitely choose to share it with the person who is also after those goals. According to users, when they pursue a physically challenging goal with their special someone, the bond grows stronger. This feeling of creating a team of two is a recurrent one in the testimonies of people who have successfully found love through online dating services.

According to studies carried on recently on adults from both genders, couples who do physical activities together are perceived as more attractive by their significant other. This is merely a physiological effect of physical activity that releases endorphins and hence, the loving bond is fortified by them. In this same regard, spending time together doing exercise is a great excuse to deepen the bond.

Charmdate,online dating

Another important aspect is that a person that is focused on achieving goals and manages to do it is appealing to others. For example, if you are a marathon runner but have never gone as far as 42K and your couple defy you to do it and get on a training program together, then the bond and the experience of achieving a goal together pushing each other to be better athletes is a whole different level of connection. Some of the users of online dating platforms have said that they feel they are a better person since they found this kind of multi-layered bond.

Speaking of appealing, the physical attractiveness of a person that works out and keeps fit is very important too in a world led by images. If you want to keep fit to be healthy, you will also have a side effect which is to have a body that will attract other people´s attention. Although it is a nice side effect, there are countless words of advice to take your self-image seriously without being a prisoner.

When in that context of sharing your passion with your significant other, your best bet is to date people who is like you in that sense; that share your passion and is willing to work hard for a goal. According to experts, this new breath of fresh air can also be blowing in new starting relationships when they decide to break the mold and instead of going on a night out or a coffee, they get together to do some physical activity at the park or go out running. This keeps the boredom out of the couple and makes the adrenaline attached to the just-created memory a deeper reason to bond the couple. For example, if you are both runners and go for a sightseeing hiking/running experience nearby and then sit down to have something to eat chances are you match at a different level that is not just words, but also emotional and physical connection.

All of this being said, the more you work out and stay healthy and fit, the more chances you have to find someone like you in the world to share that passion.

So, in order to stay fit and healthy while having a beautiful love life, the best thing to do is to go on an online dating site and filter people to match your interests. As long as you can continue to push each other forward, chances are you will be together for a long time. Finding love while seeking for fitness goals is not only possible, it is also recommended.

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