A Guide to Choosing Photos For Your Dating Profile on Charmdate.com

For many, uploading photos on their dating profile takes about 10 seconds. For others, meanwhile, choosing photos can take hours, if not days. No need to go from the one extreme to the other. The holy grail is somewhere in the middle.

charmdate.com,datingWhen it comes to online dating, the visual aspect matters a lot. How well you curated the photos on your dating profile will dictate how many messages you’ll get from the ladies. Yes, women on dating sites do make the first move, but, needless to say, they can be very picky.

So are the photos on your dating profile good enough to catch the attention of the pickiest women out there? A good way to test whether or not your dating profile meets the criteria of a “swipe-worthy” profile is to calculate how many messages you receive on a weekly basis.

If Russian women are somewhat reluctant to initiate a chat with you or even respond to your messages, it may be because there is something wrong with your dating profile. And 90 percent of the time, the choice of photos on your dating profile affects the overall “strength” (or attractiveness, if you will) of your profile.

Here’s a guide of how you can make your dating profile more attractive and eye-catchy by choosing the right photos:

  1. Upload at least three photos. Although the “the more the better” approach does apply here, do not overdo it (having fewer than three photos won’t make you look like a “mystery guy” in a good sense; rather, it will make you look like a mystery and creepy guy in a bad and dangerous sense).  charmdate.com,russian women
  2. Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity. While the previous advice was “the more the better,” in no way does it mean that you can get away with uploading low-quality, blurry, or otherwise bad photos.
  3. Include at least one full-body shot (your potential date needs to have at least some understanding of how you look like from head to toe).
  4. Ditch those bathroom mirror selfies (instead, ask your friends or family members to take nice photos of you).
  5. You may work out and look fantastic, but do not use more than one shirtless picture on your dating profile (shirtless photos may make it look as if you are here only to sleep around with as many women as you can).
  6. Do not upload photos posing with different women (unless it’s clearly your mom or sister).
  7. Make sure to upload candid photos, those have proven to be the most likeable on dating sites and apps, according to studies (candid photos are the photos that were taken when you weren’t aware that you were being photographed).
  8. Don’t try too hard to appear cool (unless it’s all an integral part of your lifestyle, uploading photos of you standing next to a Ferrari, wearing a fancy watch and tie, and showing off other elements of your luxury lifestyle will definitely attract gold diggers).
  9. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not (pretending to be someone you’re not may help you get a date, but a woman will soon realize that it’s all been a lie and will most likely walk out on you or won’t return your texts).
  10. Don’t include blurry photos or photos with bad lighting (those won’t attract anyone).
  11. Don’t use Snapchat filters (e.g. bunny ears, dog’s nose, etc.).
  12. Let your photos highlight who you are (give your potential date a sneak peek into your life so that she can have at least the slightest idea of who you are).

As you can see, choosing photos for your online dating profile is like an art of its own kind. It might be a little time-consuming to get everything right, but it will definitely be worth your while. You do want to women to be sending you messages and making the first move, don’t you?

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