Are You Kittenfishing or being Kittenfished in Russian Girls Dating

With the rapid growth of international online dating, an increased interest in Russian girls dating Westerners has also flourished. While this is not a new trend, the use of the internet, however, has made the dating pool far more accessible than previous eras.

Unfortunately, along with this new adaptation of dating, comes some new rules and new terminology that people interested in taking a dip in this vast oceanic world of dating should learn; otherwise, they could find themselves constantly treading water in a battle of sink or swim.

Two terms that have become common in the world of online dating are catfishing and kittenfishing. And the majority of people spending time on the online dating scene have even fallen victim or committed one of these dating errors.

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What are Catfishing and Kittenfishing?

While the two terms seem similar, don’t be misled. Catfishing, a way more heinous and potentially dangerous crime, is when someone pretends to be an entirely different person than who they really are. They often post false photos, names and information.

Kittenfishing while seemingly less harmful can be more stressful in the long-term dating scenario. Kitten fishing occurs when someone alters their profile slightly or flagrantly to make themselves appear “better” in the eyes of potential matches. Most times this includes putting altered or old photos, changing birthdays, or other specific information.

Most people with any kind of social media profile are guilty of kittenfishing. This primarily stems from our own insecurities and our desires to show the world our best version of ourselves, even when this may not be the “every day” visual.

While these little white lies may seem harmful on a dating profile; I mean we all want to appear at our best, if something potentially lasting develops from this profile, at some point, the truth will have to come out.

Honesty in your profile is even more critical if you decide international dating in pursuit of a potential Russian woman for a mate.

Russian womanThe Kittenfish

Girls from Russia are known for their natural and exquisite beauty. When attempting to date online, you will want to use a reputable, well-known, dating site that scans profiles and does extensive background checks. Westerners are more likely to be catfished by scammers pretending to be pretty Russian girls with the hopes of finding a sucker to send money.

If you are serious and want to meet Russian ladies, to avoid catfishing and kittenfishing across international waters, we recommend using the dating websites that include video conferencing and video chats. This form of communication allows both of you to get a real-time view of each other without the gloss-over of the best picture available, and it allows for more personable, honest communication lines to develop.

Finally, the truest test in determining if you have been victimized in either online dating trick is to try visiting the object of your desires in person. Women are more relaxed and gorgeous in Russian, homeland, element, and more likely to be themselves. This is the best place to determine if this online relationship you have developed will blossom into something more permanent.

Your Profile

We recommend honesty in your own profile and avoidance of kittenfishing at all costs. While each of us wants to put our-best-selvest forward and set a good example, we also want to be realistic. Regardless of how beautiful Russian ladies are, like all women, they know to trust their female instincts and will know when you are exaggerating or outright lying, so avoid this line of presentation at all costs.

Russian personal dating apps are plentiful, and the choices are unlimited, so there is no reason not to be your truest self. Even at your quirkiest, it is almost guaranteed that you will find your special someone. This is because Russian women are far more eclectic than the typical Western woman. Besides, being true to thy own self has been the best advice for over 5 centuries on both sides of the globe.

However, even the hottest, blonde Russian women may get insecure about some aspect of their personal life. Our advice is to compliment all dating interests and reassure them that kittenfishing was never necessary.

The best of relationships is one’s based on the foundation of trust and honesty, and you wouldn’t want to start one where at some point you might have to explain why you fudge a little on your profile. It is better to be clear and concise from the beginning, this way no one can accuse you of using the wrong bait when you went fishing in the Lake of Love.

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