Valentine’s Day Routines that Eastern European Women Want to Break

Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to show someone that you love and appreciate. Eastern European Women love this day, but at the same time, many of them are sick of the cliche traditions that come along with this day.

If you plan to spend Valentine’s day with European women in the future, it would be great for you to know what Valentine’s routines are considered to be overrated for them. This way, you would leave a positive lasting impression on them that can significantly help build your budding relationship.

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Valentines Traditions that Eastern European Women Want to Break

Here’s a list of common Valentine’s day routines that Beautiful Eastern European women want to let go of:

Giving Flowers

Traditional European women are used to receiving flowers during Valentine’s day. This is a common gesture from men during Valentine’s. However, modern women are not as impressed as they would be when you give them flowers, especially when they are large and over the top.

There are two main reasons why meeting European ladies will tell you not to give them flowers during Valentine’s.


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The first reason why they don’t want flowers during Valentine’s day is that spending hundreds of dollars on flower arrangements is not practical. They will wither for a couple of days and will end up in a trash bin. Flowers also do not serve other purposes aside from making a space look prettier. In short, it’s a waste of money.

If you really want to give her flowers during Valentine’s to follow tradition, give her a single piece along with a thoughtful yet practical gift. She will surely appreciate that better than a grand bouquet.

It’s Very Common

Another reason why Eastern European women do not receive flowers during Valentine’s is that everybody is doing it. In some cases, it seems like men are just giving flowers for the sake of giving it because it’s Valentine’s day. Women do not like that. Instead, they would prefer spending the day making fun memories with you, which will last for life.

Going on Expensive Dates

Another common Valentine’s routine is going on expensive dates in fine dining restaurants. Many couples go on candlelight dinners and attend fancy, romantic events on that specific day.

However, this problem is that going on an expensive date can break the bank. Even if you do have the money for it, going on a date during Valentine’s day in fancy restaurants is quite hectic because everybody else is doing the same thing. This lessens the “special” factor of the whole date because everybody is doing it.

Eastern European dating values more quality over quantity. This means that it’s not about doing what everybody wants but doing something that is special and worthwhile for you as a couple. Rather than going out and spending a lot of money, you can stay at home and make a special home-cooked meal.

Knowing that you prepared the delicious food on your own will make your date even more special. Besides, you can create a laid-back, romantic atmosphere at home, which is something you would not get at a packed, fancy restaurant during Valentine’s night.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special with an Eastern European Women

Why do Eastern Europeans look different? This is mainly because of their history and culture, but one thing is for sure, preferences are always changing, and that seems to be the case when it comes to how women want to break Valentine’s day routines.

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Although there’s nothing wrong with being deviant towards the Valentine’s Day norms, it makes it difficult for you to decide how to spend the day with your date. But, worry not, here are some tips on how to make Valentine’s day special with your Eastern European date:

Think of Their Love Language

When deciding how to spend your Valentine’s Day with an Eastern European woman, you must consider their love language. Everybody has different forms of love language. For others, their love language is an expression of affection and love, while others prefer acts of service.

By putting into consideration the love language of your date, it would be much easier for you to decide on the direction of your date. For example, if your date’s love language is acts of service, offering to do her errands for the day will be much appreciated. Regardless of whether it follows Valentine’s day norms, knowing that you had their love language in mind will already be a huge plus point for you.

Spend Quality Time Together

Another fool-proof way of celebrating Valentine’s day with an Eastern European date is to spend quality time together. For example, you can go on an adventure or a vacation over the weekend. You could also do other simple things like take a romantic walk while holding hands or watch movies. Even for those who can’t meet for Valentine’s Day there are many ways to keep each other company in a long distance relationship.

Final Words

One of the biggest reasons why men like to date East European women is because they are not materialistic. Many of them are very practical, which is why giving frivolous gifts or spending too much on dates are some of Valentine’s Traditions that they want to break.

Suppose you really want to make dating European ladies successful during Valentine’s season. In that case, you should focus more on being thoughtful and offer them quality time.

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