This Christmas, Don´t Scrooge and Enjoy Love

A relationship is mostly based on the little things that you do with and for each other in order to make it grow. What other gift is more perfect for your significant other than your time? Avoid “scrooging”, get her the perfect gift and solidify your loving bond. extends a helping hand and offers an awesome feature that allows you to send a gift to someone you love.

dating sites Scrooging, this is what you want to avoid

´Scrooging´ is a term that is perfectly coined to explain dumping your partner because you don’t want to spend in buying a Christmas present for her. Some people even get embarrassed at the idea of saying “I didn´t get you anything” because it might be a proof of their lack of love for their significant other. You want to avoid scrooging and being scrooged on Christmas, let´s take a look at some of the reasons why.

If you avoid buying a gift, you will not solve the matter

This is something you have to know: scrooging does not solve this matter at all. If you avoid buying her a gift and keep dating her, you will give her a chance to think that you don´t love her enough. If you avoid buying her a present and also dump her near the Christmas times, you´ll add to the aforementioned the fact that you have no heart. If you are at least a little bit for your reputation, don´t scrooge or avoid, face the fact straight ahead and solve it once and for all.

Invest in what´s important

How many times did it happen to you that you end up spending more money on a Saturday night in cocktails and beers than you do on important occasions? Well, this is something to be aware of at the moment you´re looking at the price tags of what you´re about to buy for your special someone. Not being cheap means to make an investment in what´s important and long-lasting, like for example your relationship with your beautiful girlfriend. Choose important investments over the small spending.

When you decide to buy

Now that you know better than scrooging for Christmas and we agree upon not being cheap, there are several golden rules that need to be applied to the buying of the actual present itself. Read on, follow these tips and make Christmas her favorite time of the dating

The perfect gift is never about the money

This is golden rule number one and it applies to Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and all other big days of the year. What is important about a gift is never the price tag, but how accurate you are in your choice. For example, if your beloved one is a foodie, then the best thing to do is to take her out for a mind-blowing gourmet experience by surprise. This applies to all kinds of non-material gifts like tickets to a concert, a getaway trip for the holidays and more. Try to think like her, get in her mindset, practice empathy and then choose the best experience for her to share with you on this special date.

It is all about listening to the little things

This is another major golden rule: it is not about what you want; it is about what she wants. If there is something that you will be exposed to by is buying her something that is more related to you than her. Try listening at least a couple of months before Christmas and base your decision on the little things. She will award you extra loving points for listening.

Being cheap has nothing to do with money; you can spend a small to moderate amount of money and make her happy anyways. Check out our Christmas gifts collection on  and make her feel special. Don´t scrooge her for a present, buy well and enjoy the rewards.

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