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Couples Who Use Baby Talk Have Longtime Relationship and Here Is Why

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Let’s say you hear a couple swooning over each other in a cutesy wootsy baby voice while you’re strolling around. Perhaps you believe that behavior is not normal for adults to do. However, did you know that baby talk is used by up to two-thirds of couples in longtime relationship? Interestingly, this conversation is often kept secret between the two of them. Below, we’ll talk about the use of baby talk … Continue Reading

Why You Should Try Dating Someone That Is Not Your Type

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We all have an ideal version of our future partner in our heads, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Some of us prefers a tall blonde girl, others are always on the hunt for a woman with cat-like eyes. Nonetheless, if you’ve been feeling like your romantic life is in a rut, it is probably time to start trying someone outside of your type! The Science Behind Our Types Having a type … Continue Reading

Five Simple Expert-Backed Ways to Instantly Strengthen Your Romantic Relationship

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You may have heard a thousand times that communication and honesty are the keys to a strong and lasting romantic relationship. Even so, it appears that only a few of us are able to achieve those things and make them work in a relationship. Luckily, despite how hard creating an unbreakable relationship can be, dating experts believe that there are several things we can do to make it happen. Read on … Continue Reading