Charmdate: If you’re a sporty man, look for a sporty woman – the perfect match!

How perfect would it be if the person who you would spend the rest of your life with had the same interests as you? You would be able to do the things you loved doing with the person you love. Don’t underestimate how much impact someone’s personality has on a good relationship. If you are a sporty man, then you should try looking for a sporty woman. Here are some to choose from:



As a middle-aged single woman in Ukraine, sometimes life is not that easy, but Nadezhda still has that positive energy to be a happy and active person. Knowing that life is too short, Nadezhda believes the most important things for a woman is for her to know she is cherished and loved unconditionally.


Nadezhda loves traveling regularly, getting to know different people and trying new things. But most importantly, as she is a fitness instructor, she spends most of her time doing all kinds of sports, such as skydiving, diving, cycling and tennis. No wonder Nadezhda is so fit, and can maintain a good posture and that exuberant energy! She hopes to and craves to share her active and sporty lifestyle with a man she loves. Could that be you? Would you be willing to become Nadezhda’s companion in fitness?



Tatiana is a beautiful, laid-back and courageous woman who loves horse-riding. She started having an interested in horse-riding at childhood, and has continued doing so ever since. Tatiana believes equestrian has a huge impact on her personality, making her a calm and brave woman.

In addition to riding, other sports she is keen on include cycling and swimming. Her constant activeness is what gives her her gorgeous appearance, cheerful personality and good sense of humor.

Tatiana is looking for a man to open up to, to cook for – someone who can share her interests and keep fit with, someone who would give her massages every night. Talk to her – you will be surprised how you will be infected by her funny sense of humor and happiness.



Kris’s healthy and sexy bronze skin comes from the love of sports. Sports and travel are the passion of her life. She has a romantic nature and a lively and playful sexiness. For her, humor is a must-have for a good companion, as well as openness, honesty and communication. Kris is looking for a man who has great energy and drive, someone who is romantic, as she is also a very active person. She hopes she can find a special someone to explore the world with. Kris has a life motto – “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Are you willing to be the one who dances with her in the rain?

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