Hobbies That Make You Attractive To Russian Singles

What do you think do Russian singles find attractive in a guy aside from the appearance? Does having a hobby and being good at it add a guy’s appeal to the European women in general?

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These questions can be intriguing and also informative for your dating game and future relationship. To help you answer those questions, let us list down the top hobbies that can bring attraction to the opposite sex.

A Brief Run-down of the Most Attractive Hobbies

Here is a list of hobbies or interest that either gender finds it most attractive on the opposite:

Rank Female’s Perspective Male’s Perspective
1 Travelling Exercise
2 Exercise Photography
3 Theatre Travelling
4 Dancing Art
5 Cooking Dancing
6 Outdoor Activities Politics
7 Politics Outdoor Activities
8 Pets Cooking
9 Photography Learning
10 Watching sport Music

As you can see, there are common interests that both men and women find attraction from the opposite gender. Among them are travelling, exercise, dancing, politics, photography, outdoors and cooking. These are stills some of the most attractive interests that pretty Russian girls list on the dating profile.

Seeing that exercise is one of most attractive interests in both men and women, here are the top 5 exercises that either of the gender is interested in with the opposite:

Rank Female’s Perspective Male’s Perspective
1 Rugby Football
2 Tennis Swimming
3 Swimming Military Bootcamp
4 Football Rugby
5 Military Bootcamp Running

Due to the European heritage or culture, males that engage in the sport of rugby come of as very attractive to women. Surprisingly, most of us men also find women playing rugby as attractive too. If ever you fill up your dating profile on a mobile dating site, try to emphasize the most desirable pastimes and forms of exercises.

Impact of Mentioning Hobbies in Dating Profile

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Mentioning your hobbies in legitimate Russian dating sites can increase your chances of finding a Russian girl as a compatible match. It will save you a lot of time explaining who you are and it will be easier to get matched with a beautiful Russian girl that finds interest in you hobby.

Besides, when a girl lists her hobbies on her profile, you will have an idea of your similarities and differences and how they can affect your future relationship. In listing hobbies in the dating profile, it is a good idea for men to include at least 6 hobbies or interests.

Russian girls notice men’s profile more when they declare the things they are interested in. However, for most males, it is more appealing for women to list 4 hobbies and interests, at most, in their dating profile.

What Most Men Find Attractive in Women

In most cases, men like women who are interested in exercise and other physical activities. If a guy sees a girl on a Russian online dating site with a profile indicating that she exercises and has a gallery of photos to support that claim, automatically that guy will be inspired. However, there can be a systematic explanation for that.

According to studies in evolutionary psychology, there’s a reason why we put emphasis on looks when we select a suitable partner. It is because we want a woman that is capable of carrying an offspring. If we see that a woman is interested in exercising, that can only mean that health and wellness are her priorities.

Other interests like cooking, pets, arts and politics also indicate that a woman has a wide range of skills that can aid men in surviving. It boils down to genetics and it will stay true for a possibly long time.

What Most Women Find Attractive in Men

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When it comes to females, evolutionary psychology still plays a great part in explaining why they opt for men with interests listed in the table above. For instance, most single Russian ladies are totally attracted to military men because they engage in exercise, politics and outdoor activities as part in both their profession and lifestyle. That’s a total package.

The set of hobbies and interests mentioned indicates that they are masculine. As mentioned, evolution plays a part because ever since, women see men as protectors and providers. Exercise indicates that men are fully capable of handling physical tasks.

Outdoor activities show a glimpse of how brave and resilient men are. Politics display intelligence and leadership. All of those activities done by men have been attractive for women since ancient times and will probably stay that way in the far future.

Impact of Having Similar Hobbies in a Relationship

Once you get connected with a Russian lady because of her interests or hobbies, you may want to look for assurance by observing her in your conversations. For example, if a Russian lady like politics, observe her facial expressions that correspond to her verbal discussion of politics in one of your Russian live chat sessions.

That assurance is a step towards creating a relationship. The similarities in interests can be beneficial in the long run. You will have many things to talk about and each of your insights will be profound. Additionally, your values and perspectives on other things wherein you both have differences can have peaceful solutions through your common hobbies or activities.


A partner meant for long-term relationship can guarantee you a comfort zone. One of the factors that help you achieve that is by having common interests. When you have something in common, you will find it easy to communicate with one another either verbally or physically.

As explained, genetics play a major part why there are general interests or hobbies that men are attracted in women and vice versa. Men are generally attracted to women that engage in care-giving activities while women are interested in men that are into activities that highlight their protecting and providing qualities.

If you plan on dating one of the single Russian girls, make sure to highlight your interests in exercise, politics, arts and cooking in your dating profile. If you don’t have either of those hobbies, then start to adapt them now.

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