How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Russian Ladies

Are you planning on celebrating the upcoming Valentine’s Day with Russian ladies? Or, do you want to have a memorable date with someone beautiful? Don’t worry, read this article to contain guides on what to do for a successful celebration.

Valentine’s Day in Russia

Valentine’s Day is a relatively new cultural celebration among former USSR countries, especially for the Russian public. It was introduced in the early ’90s and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Valentine’s Day is a relatively new cultural celebration among former USSR countries, especially for the Russian public. It was introduced in the early ’90s and has been growing in popularity ever since.

In Russia, Valentine’s Day is very popular among students and young people, especially Russian girls. Students in school will exchange gifts with their friends. While the youngsters usually will celebrate it with their lovers in restaurants, bars, or nightclubs.

Places like restaurants and clubs will arrange special events for youngsters and do romantic decorations to their place. Other business places will also offer sales on certain Valentine’s Day related products.

In general, Valentine’s day is a special occasion, even for single Russians. It is a chance to share love and affection to your love and affection. Many will use Valentine’s day to go out with their special ones.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Russian Girl

When it comes to handing out Valentine’s day gifts to a Russian beauty, it is important to get creative. A creative gift will make your lover feel more special. Thus, making a memorable Valentine’s day date.

Here are some valentines day gift ideas for your Russian Date:

  • Flowers

One of the most common romantic gifts in Russia is flowers. If you are planning to choose flowers as your gift, you have to put some effort and creativity into it. Don’t just go for an ordinary flower bouquet.

Go to a florist and look for the most beautiful flower bouquet within your budget. Including some of your lover’s favorite flowers will also help. One very popular flower choice is red roses; it symbolizes passionate love.

There are many kinds of flower bouquets out there. If you want something classic and simple, you can go for a miniature rose basket. It is easy to carry, and it will look nice on your lover’s make-up table. Otherwise, you can pair the flower bouquet with a doll or a box of chocolate.

  • Bottle of Perfume

Another great gift idea for a Russian dating event is a bottle of perfume. A bottle of perfume will be a wonderful choice to give to your partner. It’s romantic, beautiful, and thoughtful.

However, before choosing to buy her a bottle of perfume, make sure you know her perfume preference well. Notice what kind of aroma and fragrance she typically likes. Therefore, it is not a good idea to give perfume in the early stages of dating.

Or, if you are not planning to keep your Valentine’s day gift a secret, you can openly ask her about her perfume preference. Go for a reputable brand and get it from a reputable source to ensure you give her the real one.

  • Gadget

Another gift alternative you can give to Russian women is an electronic gadget. You don’t have to pick an expensive product for this one. You can find something that is functional, such as a hair iron, an essential oil diffuser, or a small pocket camera.

If you are still not in an established relationship, don’t put a hole in your wallet yet. Go for something affordable for you. This way, you can show her your affection without costing you a fortune.

What Not to Bring During Valentines Date

Anyhow, some gift ideas should be avoided. Never bring these things to Russian girls dating. Some of those gifts are watches, sharp tools (scissors, knives, cutters, etc.), yellow flowers, and any personal hygiene product.

Gifts like a watch, sharp tools, and yellow flowers are believed as symbols of a short-lived relationship. In contrast, hygiene products are taken as an insult. Your partner might think that you consider her as a smelly and unhygienic person. Remember this if you don’t want to get rejected by beautiful Russian girls.

Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

After deciding what the right thing to bring is, it is now time to think about what you two should do to celebrate the special occasion. Celebrating Valentine’s day in a restaurant or cafe is very boring and out-dated. Everyone from around the globe does it since no one knows how many years ago.

Here some fresh Valentines day activities that you might want to consider:

  • Go to a Festival

To make a momentous Valentine’s day with your partner, finding a festival near your city can be a fresh experience. At local festivals, you can find many entertainments and foods. Don’t forget to bring a camera so you can capture beautiful moments.

  • Camping

Another idea for an amazing date with Russian babes is going camping. If your partner loves spending time outdoors, this will be an unforgettable experience for you two.

  • Go to the Beach

You can also consider spending Valentine’s day at the beach.It is usually far from crowded areas. It means there will be no light pollution there.


All the gifts and activities above can be used as a reference in dating a Russian lady. Don’t be afraid and give your best shot in finding a partner.

You can try online dating to test your luck. Since you can sort out your preferences there, it is a great way to find someone with the same interests as yours.

Learning Russian chat can be a big help during your dating process. Go out there and be as open-minded as possible. You don’t know what good things you can find next if you close the door.

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