10 Tips on How to Master Video Dates With Russian Girls

The COVID-19 pandemic threats have conquered the world, suddenly altered the daily routines of, and halted outdoor businesses and activities. Yes, dating Russian girls is not an exception.

Apparently, hanging out for a dinner or movie date is currently unattainable due to the new implementations; however, there will always be a positive side. You may now enjoy cheaper, better, and more dates!

Want to know how? Here are simple tips for more enjoyable video dates:

  • Charge Your Device

Whether it is a phone or a laptop, you have to make sure the battery is full to turn off during the date. You may also need to charge it during the entire video call so that you and your Russian babes wouldn’t be interrupted during an intimate conversation. If you think charging your device the whole time is taxing, then simply keep your charger near so you can immediately recharge your device once it’s about to die.

  • Choose a Presentable Backdrop

Are you used to having a pile of laundry or a messy bed as a backdrop? Arrange it. Keeping your setting well-arranged, well-lit, and presentable is similar to dating in a restaurant with a relaxing ambiance.

Remember that the ambiance can determine a date’s tone; thus, making sure not to include your dirty clothes in your video background is essential.

  • Embrace Online Dating

It’s time to forget about face-to-face dates! Meeting single Russian girls online considered the “new normal” approach to dating, and it could indeed be as exciting as physical dates! Believe it or not, online dating can be as romantic, intimate, and exhilarating as face-to-face dates, especially when you already have mastered your chosen video call platform.

  • Dress Appropriately

Although dressing up may seem negotiable, it indeed allows your date to feel special. Your physical preparedness also makes you more attractive. Getting ready to date with Russian ladies online is similar to inviting them for a face-to-face date; so guys, get a clean polo shirt, comb your hair, fix your collars and sleeves and make sure to look like you really are ready to “date” rather than just ready to talk. The way you dress also determines your effort, and efforts usually turn women on.

  • Flirt Through Chat Before Calling

Sending flirty chats to Russian singles before the actual video call will create anticipation. You may say “Can’t wait to meet you tonight,” and “I have been waiting to see you all day,” to your date so that they will expect both of you to have a really great time. When the excitement is there, it would be impossible for them to cancel your date or make some excuses.

  • Prepare Some Questions

Yes, to keep the chats going or more natural, you have to prepare some topics and questions you think can spark interest when you meet Russian ladies. Asking fascinating questions will automatically attract momentum in your conversation and will leave you no dead air.

It also allows your date to ask thrilling questions in return, and with that, both of you could no longer keep track of time as you unconsciously immerse yourselves in an ecstatic scenario.

  • Get Some Drinks

Grab some beer or wine, just enough to keep you warm and calm, and you’ll be surprised with results. Aside from merely having something in your hands to hold whenever you feel nervous, a cocktail, champagne, or wine can also make you feel like it’s a real date. Sipping while you meet Russian ladies online can make you talk more naturally and fluently.  

  • Be Mindful of the Timing

If it’s your first time using a Russian dating site, you might still be stuck with your own idea of video call norms. Well, online dating is different from talking with a friend, a relative, or a colleague.

Normal video calls might consume an hour or more, but when it comes to online dating, thrill and conciseness are essential. Keep the conversation short yet exciting so that your date would have to ask for “more.” A 30-40 minute video call is enough to get to know each other, have some intimate chats, and schedule the next date.

  • Be Positive

Even if it’s only a video call, your aura is still important. While it is tempting to mention the doom and gloom that has been happening around us, don’t allow this kind of topic to dominate your conversation.

You would not want your dating partner to end up feeling disappointed, guilty, and depressed. Thus, it is suggestible to discuss your plans, aspirations, and the things both of you want to do after the pandemic. In that way, your dating partner will be looking forward to meeting you in person.

  • Schedule Another Date

Don’t just end it there. If everything goes well, do not hesitate to express your desire to meet them again. Whether you’d want to stick for another simple call or plan to cook your favorite meals via CamShare, there are plenty of activities you can do to keep Russian women wanting to know you more. Thus, schedule another date in our best Russian dating sites and enjoy your online journey with beautiful women.

Final Words

Russian girls dating apps can even be more exciting when you personalize your experience. Don’t be afraid to learn the process and uncover your own invaluable techniques about making women want you more. Don’t hesitate to spice up your game by talking naturally, using your sense of humor, and being yourself.

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