Top 6 Popular Cities In Russia

When it comes to Russia, we usually think of Russian beauties. Well, Single member are just one treasure of this nation, tourism is also an important factor attracting visitors to come. Here several recommended cities are listed:


Being the capital and the largest city of Russia, Moscow is both a world-famous ancient city and a modern cosmopolis. “If by life you were deceived, don’t be dismal, don’t be wild. In the day of grief, be mild. Merry days will come.” Yes, Moscow is the hometown of poet Pushkin. It is a city with poetic scenic sights. Wandering on the street of Moscow, you will surely be attracted by the full exoticness and sense of history of this city. It’s difficult not to be shocked at the magnificent ancient buildings here.

The world-famous university МГУ is located at Moscow with excellent resources of education and modern facilities.

The world-famous university МГУ is located at Moscow with excellent resources of education and modern facilities.

2.St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia, is definitely one of the best choices when you are making a decision of which Russian city to visit. With multitudinous institutions of higher learning as well as scientific research institutes, this city fully deserves the title of city of culture and art. If you travel to St. Petersburg, it is strongly recommended that you pay a visit to some of the museums there. Besides, it is also one of the few cities with white night. You can enjoy the fantastic night rambling along the river Neva.


Irkutsk is one of the Siberia’s largest cities. It’s most famous for Lake Baikal, the biggest freshwater lake. The crystal clear water, the peaceful environment and the pleasant weather all make it a fashionable health resort. Not far away from the lake, you can see some bars. Having a little drink with some caviar or a piece of pancake in a bar is enough to bring you great fun.


Located at the junction between Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg plays a significant role in the economic connection of west and east. If you are interested, you can take a photograph of the Europe & Asia border monument. Yekaterinburg is also a city combining traditional churches and Soviet avant-garde. Church on Spilled Blood is just a good example of traditional Orthodox churches. Listening to the carols in this church at canonical hour will bring you inner peace.


Kazan is a very beautiful city with diverse culture & architecture. It’s a minority city in Russia and the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. It’s a place where you can see two religions coexist harmoniously. On the street of Kazan, you can see not only Muslim women with scarf on their heads but also fashionable sexy girls in skimpy clothes. It’s quite normal to see Muslims devoutly worshiping in the mosque while at the other side of road youngsters drinking wine and listening to the latest pop music. Here, people’s belief is completely based on tolerance.


Vladivostok is the nation’s largest port city on Pacific Ocean. This city sits at the triple intersection of North Korea, China and Russia, with coasts on three sides providing sources of different kinds of seafood. If you are a big fan of railway, you would be excited about visiting the railway station here. The railway station of Vladivostok is the terminal point of the longest railway-the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Many visitors’ albums are full of photos from their journeys to Russia. It’s really a country worth visiting. When you feel pressure in the busy city life, just give yourself a chance and have a nice trip to Russia without delay!

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