Celebrating Christmas in Russia for Ultimate Experience

Life is about living with a smile and making dreams happen as much as you can. Celebrate this Christmas in the world´s biggest country with members on CharmDate.com, Russia, and witness that happiness within you. We invite you to grab this opportunity and create memories.

Christmas on Charmdate

Why Russia?

Russia is the world´s largest country and the entire territory extends to nine time zones and is home to the best Christmas you´ll ever have; here are the reasons why.

The scenery is breathtaking

Few things are as Christmas-friendly as snow and ice. Let´s face it, it´s a fact that warm clothes and winter landscapes make these dates even better. There is no place on Earth you can go to spend this time that has more snow to offer than Russia. Get your gloves ready, take your date along and join the biggest snowy Christmas on the planet.

You can have two Christmas

Because most of the world is Catholic, the Christmas date is usually on December 25th. The good news is that the Orthodox Church has a different calendar and hence, they celebrate it on January 7th. This year, have two Christmas, one at home and the next on Russian soil; turn Christmas 2019 into a holiday you´ll never forget.

The cities

Ok, now that you want to know more about this beautiful and diverse country, it is time to tell you which are the cities you should be aiming to.


The capital of this huge country turns into a beautiful Christmas tree with lights cutting the black skies and reflecting on the white snow. The Red Square, The Kremlin, and the countless temples are amazing to do the countdown to a special Christmas. You might want to replace that champagne with vodka and raise Russian toast to your awesome date!

women from CharmdateSt. Petersburg

Imagine the perfect skyline framed by white snow and the peaks of the UNESCO world heritage site; well, that comes very close to St. Petersburg during Christmas. This is Russia´s second-largest city and is as busy as Moscow but with a different vibe. It is located close to Finland, in the northern part of Europe and that makes a big difference. Live the greatest Christmas experience at Russia´s most European city. The perfect place for an amazing dating experience.

Lake Baikal

Far away from St. Petersburg, deep in Siberia above Mongolia, you have one of Russia´s most beautiful sceneries: Lake Baikal. This is the world´s oldest, deepest lake and also the largest freshwater body on Earth containing one-fifth of the total available in the planet. This abundance of fresh-water shapes different traditions and also makes for wild vegetation and the perfect scenery for a beautiful Christmas romantic dinner. It is something you don´t experience anywhere else in the world.


The home of the Tatar culture celebrates its 1015th anniversary on 2020. This ancient civilization created outstanding architecture and is well-known for being super friendly to foreigners. If the colors and the snow don´t make it for you, be ready to party with your someone special, on the streets with a thick coat since Kazan´s people go outside for celebrations.


Back to the European part of Russia, the silver-and-white St. Sophia´s Cathedral is the perfect place to have a unique Christmas mess and celebration. The city dates back to 859 and its ancient architecture is different from any other thing you´ll see in the world. It is a unique place for a unique dating experience.


Learning more about Russia is a must and what better moment to do it than Christmas. Have a holiday trip to remember and learn more about the world´s largest country (making your friends jealous about your Instagram stories in the way!)

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