Charmdate: Tips For Feeling Confident Immediately

One of the things I believe most important in life is that when you feel good about yourself, do more. Of course, I’m not the only one who thinks about it: think of the day when you have full confidence in yourself (physically or mentally). Have you found more productive that day? Were you happier happier?

When it comes to real success in life, the sense of security is indeed the key. But with the struggles and life struggles that are constantly thrown at us, it is easy to feel a little less confident than we should.

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Insecurities in life cause us considerable amounts of unnecessary stress, and we all know that stress does not lead to productivity, success or happiness. So, how do we fight these moments of insecurity? Is there a way to make it easier to trust? I have collected these 6 indicators to help reduce those uncertainties and make sure I have more confidence.

Smile & go out of your way to be kind

A big part of being confidence is a reflection of how others respond to you. When you smile, others smile in return making you feel better about both yourself & the world around you. When you are kind, others are kind in return. If you make these things a regular practice in your life, you will become known for being happy & kind – that alone should definitely add a bump in confidence.

Refrain from labeling yourself or others

Judging others by putting labels on them such as ugly, fat, or even pretty, is categorizing. Because everyone is truly unique, it is not your place nor is it fair to categorize people into these arbitrary categories. Accept the attributes of others (the non-superficial ones too!) and appreciate them as individuals rather than a member of a category.

Wear bright colors

You don’t need to wear a rainbow suit – but wearing even a pop of color can do wonders for your confidence. Many studies have shown that those who do wear bright colors report being happier & more confident throughout the day….so hey! You read it on the internet, so it must be true!

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Surround yourself with friends who build you up

It’s true – always choose your friends wisely. If you’re hanging out & associating with other individuals who you feel tear you down for their own benefit, or even don’t realize when they’re putting you down – get better friends! I promise you, there are people out there who would love to be your friend, so give them a chance. Your friends should be making you feel more confident, not the other way around.

Aim to be positive at all times

Staying positive will help your confidence in more ways than just staying on others’ good side. Keeping yourself from being negative will prevent many grumpy spouts & will make you not only more confident in yourself (we tend be harder on ourselves when we are in a negative mood), but others will see you as more confident as well. Win-win.

Get rid of your “what if” thoughts

Thinking up all of those “what if” thoughts only allows you to focus on the things that you don’t have. Instead of focusing on those things, try to focus on the things you do have. By accentuating the things that really make you great, you’ll soon no longer even need those “what if” thoughts. Being confident in who you are means that you can be happy in your own skin.

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