Fall In Love All Over Again At These Enchanting Destinations In Russia

Once known for its very carefully preserved closed society, Russia has become one of the most popular destinations in the world, especially for lovebirds, in a remarkably short period of time. Indeed, compared to other countries, it has not been very long since this nation has opened its doors to the world of tourists and already people have gone (and are still going) gaga over its white beauty. Well, Russia has long been hailed as the country with most beautiful women in the world! Regardless of how elated single men are over that particular fact; it is the couples, both tourists and residents of the country, who emphasize that if you have a heart, you can’t help but fall in love with the scenic and architectural beauty of Russia. And how about falling in love with one of the blonde or brunette bombshells in the country while you are at it?

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With Russia being so unimaginably vast and every bit of it being so incredibly beautiful, a bit of helplessness while trying to figure out what the most romantic destinations are, is perfectly understandable. Don’t fret; just have a look at the list we have chalked up for you.

i. St. Petersburg:

You simply cannot appreciate the beauty of Russian culture without visiting this mesmerizing city. No matter whatever your idea of the perfect romantic holiday is, this city will live up to it. from quaint eateries to horse drawn carriages, from moveable bridges to scenic waterfronts, from imperial grandeur to Gulf of Finland, from palatial architecture to broad avenues and from quiet golden evenings to vibrant nightlife – this city has the full package for everyone, especially the ones in love and the ones who are still looking for it.

ii. Trans-Siberian:

A trip to discover romantic Russia is incomplete without a ride along the Trans-Siberian rail tracks in a luxury train. Golden Eagle is a wonderful choice as it will take you for fantastic views of Ural Mountains; past the rocky magnificence of Altai and let you marvel at the expanse of Lake Baikal. The train will touch many other hot spots in Central Russia and give you a glimpse of many other cities located along the Pacific. Alight at one of them or choose to take the whole ride of two weeks, all the while cozying up with your beloved partner.

iii. Altai:

Whether you are an avid fan of everything equestrian or not, you will definitely love a romantic horseback ride with your partner along the woody borders of Mongolia. Stay in a cozy log cabin, ride through the meadows, fish in the little brooks and soar up high in a hot air balloon to take in the breathtaking view of the beautiful snow capped mountains.

iv. Baikal:

After all that roaming around, it is time for some rest at the serene banks of the deepest lakes on earth. These shores can please you even if you are the hyperactive type. Bask in the warm sun, hire bikes and cars to explore the Baikal Mountains, go for windsurfing, kayaking or boating, do some photography or get a spa massage at of the luxury hotels.

Take a break from those sandy beaches of the Caribbean or the historic tours of Europe. Think out of the box and try Russia for your next romantic getaway. You will enjoy every moment of it!

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