Russia – Festivals, Food, Fling And More

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?” replace the mirror with a man from anywhere round the globe and repeat the question. You would hear a resounding answer of ‘find love’ even before your question is complete. But of course, if you are a man, you already know that. The question that might be bothering you is perhaps just how to date one of these exquisite Russian beauties. If that is what you are hoping for, you have got to visit this amazing country. The bonus that you get is that Russia, being home to such beautiful hotties, is also the home to some mind-blowing celebrations and festivals. Plan a trip to Russia during one of these festivals and marvel at the magnificence of the fireworks lighting up the sky while one of the ladies flashes you her thousand watt smile!

Have no idea about the Russian festivities? Here is a look at some of the best of them:

Happy New Year!

Do you think you have seen it all as far as going overboard while welcoming the New Year is concerned? Russia will beg to differ! Russians believe that the way you celebrate New Year will signify how you are going to spend the upcoming year. Thus, everybody wants to dress in new clothes, eat good food, have fun with friends and family, watch the blinding fireworks and of course, enjoy the lighting of New Year tree. A visit from the Russian Santa Ded Moroz is immensely enjoyable too!

Enjoy fun riding sleighs with your Russian girl

Enjoy fun riding sleighs with your Russian girl

It’s pancake time!

What is a celebration without pancakes? Maslenitsa is a festival that is enjoyable to everyone who wants to see the pagan traditions of old Russia up, close and personal. Often referred to as pancake week by the locals, this festival is a pre-Lenten custom of Russia. Including all of the standard holiday activities like snowball fights, fun and frolic, making huge stacks of pan cakes and riding sleighs, this is one of the favorite festival of Russia. It is tradition to burn an effigy of Maslenitsa to signify the advent of Spring.

Paint the eggs!

Yes, because you are never too old for painting eggs! Easter is another one of the festivals celebrated grandly in Russia. It is celebrated according to the lunar calendar. The rituals start from the night before and candles are lit in the church till dawn. The ringing of the bells during the early hours of the day mark the beginning of Easter. painting of eggs and Easter feasts are customary parts of the celebration.

A very Merry Christmas!

Unlike the West, Christmas is celebrated in Russia on January 7th. Compared to the New Year Celebration, Christmas seems a bit humble in glitz and glam. It is time meant for spending attending church services, enjoying feasts and being with the family. Oh and don’t forget Ded Moroz, of course!

A Winning Winter!

No matter how much is said about the Russian Winter festival, it would hardly be enough. If anybody knows how to instill fun into sub–zero temperatures, it’s the Russians. Jaw-dropping ice sculptures, skating, skiing, firework, music – everything comes together to make the months of December and January even more enjoyable. Irrespective of which part of Moscow you are in, you will enjoy your stay during this time of the year.

The whites and knights!

You can increase your chances of meeting Russian divas during the White Nights festival that is held during the season of midnight sun. A hugely popular international arts festival, this event consists of a series of opera, music concerts, classical ballet programs. The festival continues from May with the “Stars of the White Nights” to July.

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