Magical Ways to be Better in Dating Communication with Russian Singles

Communication is one of the easiest human interaction to do yet the hardest to master. In dating, this can be even harder whether you’re talking to Asian or Russian singles in person or online. Having great communication, especially in the early parts of dating, can build closeness and trust which are the main foundations of a relationship.

Communication is essential in dating but it’s easy to say the wrong things even if you don’t mean them. Poor communication can result in misunderstanding, offense, and disappointment which can hinder the progress of a relationship. Miscommunication can be caused by dating jitters or just clueless on how to be a great date. This is harder especially if you are online dating since one sentence can be easily misinterpreted.

 If you think you’re having trouble communicating whether you’re trying online dating for singles or just meeting someone, here are some tips to be better in dating communication.

Don’t be Creepy

If you are trying to find a partner online, or even offline, first impressions are always important. Don’t be that guy who messages Russian women, “Why are Russian girls so hot?” since you’ll come off as creepy. Instead, you can try to check their profile and try to find a common interest. This can be a jumping point of the conversation and makes them more relaxed when talking to you.

When trying to meet a girl offline, be confident and relaxed. Stick the conversation to the event or venue so they won’t feel unsafe or intimidated when you approach them. Pickup lines don’t always work so use them wisely.

Keep Your Texts and Chats Short and Sweet

Don’t bombard your potential date with long messages and frequent calls. Just keep the conversation light and answerable in short sentences. You want to make them feel you’re there but you also don’t want to be too available. Check on how they’re doing once in a while once in the morning or evening. Take cues from their responses as well if they want to talk more or less.

Be clear in your messages since there is room for misunderstanding when communicating solely this way. Your tones or reactions may not translate well on the other side of the screen so always clarify and make them understand.

Listen and React

As your relationship progresses, calls are great to make the conversation more intimate and personal. Communication is not just about talking but also listening. This can be hard especially if you want to find Russian girlfriend since there might be a communication barrier. But listening to your date’s voice can develop closeness and there’s more spontaneity to it.  

Always practice active and emphatic listening when in a conversation. Active listening is when you give focus on what they’re saying and paraphrasing how you understood it. Emphatic listening is understanding why they feel that way rather. Both can be done at the same time and can further develop closeness between each other.

Resist the urge to jump into the conversation when they are talking. Not only is this a sign of respect but also letting them fully express themselves. Talk about interesting things but never be self-centered. let your potential girlfriend talk as well so you can get to know them more.

Body Language and Appearance

When you think of communication, you probably think just the words coming out of your mouth. Non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication since it completes the experience. It can be seen in your eye contact, body language, facial expressions, and even your appearance.  

Keep eye contact as much as possible to know you’re sincere and to make your date feel they’re part of the conversation.  Your posture and body movement can also say a lot about you and give off another vibe.

Facial expressions can also be a dead giveaway when something disgusts or excites you. Lastly, appearance is also a non-verbal cue on what message you want to bring out. Being clean-shaven and dressed up gives an impression that you’re prepared for that date.

Be aware of these things especially if you are in Russia webcam chats. Since the camera is close to your face then all these expressions can translate differently especially to foreign women.

Learn to manage stress during the date to avoid subconscious non-verbal cues. You will also need to develop emotional awareness so you will know how to manage how you feel.

Think Before You Speak

Some issues can be a little too intense in the early days of dating. There might be topics or issues that you disagree with or she feels strongly about. In case of this, be sensitive and think before saying anything. In the early phases of dating, sheer honesty might be seen as plain rudeness or insensitivity. A study shows that most Russian women looking for men who are sensitive and know what they feel.  

Sensitivity can be developed over time. Eventually, you can take cues on whether you have a deep enough relationship to be able to say some things. But right now, always think of what your partner might feel before sending or saying anything.

Final Word

Communication in dating is very important in taking the relationship to the next level. Whether you’re dating online or offline, always remember to be a true gentleman. Good manners and respect never gets old and something all women here and abroad will appreciate.

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