The Key to a Successful Relationship with Russian Ladies According to Researchers

Relationship Science, which is an interdisciplinary field under communication, family, economics, sociology, and psychology, has recently uncovered what is most likely to be the key to a successful relationship with Russian ladies. This study was published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, and it has made several astonishing discoveries.

The main focus of the study was to observe and identify what makes couples happy. It was spearheaded by a researcher named Samantha Joel, and they studied over 11,000 couples, which included some Russian girls. Their observation was done for one year.

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Unlike other research on Russian women relationship science, this one used over 43 data sets to effectively identify and predict the happiness level that a relationship will have. If you are interested in knowing what the discoveries of this research are, continue reading below:

What the Research Tell Us

By now, you might already be very excited to know about the discoveries of this research, so here they are:

  • Your Judgement Are What Matter Most

The research results showed that how you view your relationship contributes to the overall quality of your dynamics. In fact, it seems that this is even more important than having a compatible personality with your partner.

This means that, if you are entering Russian dating, you should trust your judgment. The chances of this judgment to be right are higher because you perceive your relationship with a person.

  • Committed Couples are More Satisfied

The research also showed that couples who have more commitment to each other felt more satisfied in their relationships than those who are not. Many couples who have this sense of commitment are those that are more appreciative of their partners and what they do for them in the relationship.

In this result, it is easy to say that when you take beautiful Russian girls seriously and commit, the more chances of achieving happiness from your relationship. This can be quite easy given that Russian ladies have a high sense of commitment in relationships. This is evident in their devoted attitudes towards their partners.

Russian babes also know how to value the people around them very well. They are not shy about expressing their appreciation.

  • No Need to Date “Your Type”

In Russian chat dating websites, there is this notion that you should focus on approaching someone who has similar interests to you. By doing so, the chances of creating a spark and having a successful relationship are higher. However, according to the research, that does not seem to be the case.

The research showed that the key to a happy relationship is not in dating someone who is “your type.” Instead, it should be someone who you have a good dynamic with. This can either be with someone who is a polar opposite to you or someone very similar.

It argues that a happy relationship is not about being with your ideal person, but rather somebody you are willing to accept to have a positive dynamic. Remember, nobody is perfect, and every individual has some not so desirable traits.

However, that does not mean that there is no hope for a happy relationship. You just need to find a Russian beauty who is the perfect balance to your personality type. This means that being with somebody who is calm and patient is a good recipe for a happy relationship if you are an impatient person.

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  • Mutual Appreciation Is Very Important

Aside from the results showing how individuals’ personalities help create a happy relationship, the research was also able to differentiate multiple mutual appreciation factors that affect the level of happiness in a relationship. These are the different factors.

  • Perceived Partner Commitment– refers to the level of commitment individuals observed on their partners.
  • Appreciation– the degree of enjoyment and recognition that individuals gained by being in their relationship.
  • Perceived Partner Satisfaction– this refers to satisfied individuals think their partners are in the relationship.
  • Conflict Levels– there are 5 different levels of conflict; intraorganizational, intergroup, intragroup, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.

Overall, the study showed that couples who have high mutual appreciation and satisfaction with each other have happier relationships. Those who only have one person are satisfied and feel appreciated tend to have more challenges and lesser happiness feelings in their relationship.

Sense of Security

Many Russian girls dating aim to have a sense of security in their relationships. A sense of security is all about knowing that you can depend on your partner when the going gets tough. This will allow you to know that the relationship you have is more than just a superficial bond.

According to the research, among couples who were observed to be happier, many of them expressed that their partners make them feel very secure. This can be highly associated with their level of overall satisfaction in the relationship.

There are several ways to provide your partners with a sense of security. The most effective one is by showing your commitment to them and providing them with reassurance from time to time.

Bottom Line

Basically, the research shows that a happy relationship is having a sense of satisfaction and security between the two individuals in the relationship. This is not exactly a new piece of information because many are already aware that these are crucial in any relationship. However, this research reminds us and provides a scientific basis to support the truth behind this information further.

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