Make Her Like You From the First Text Message Itself

With the world going increasingly digital, it is really no wonder that folks are using it more and more to connect with the people they like. Whether it is a casual fling or a sting operation for locating the right love , there is no match for a digital medium when it comes to speeding up thecommunication. Not to mention bypassing the awkward ‘hello-hi’ moments when you are suddenly face to face!

Now, online dating or texting comes with its own pack of drawbacks which actually gets vastly outweighed by the benefits. Convenience, affordability, privacy and a fair chance to find out whether she is the one for you without actually having to meet the person – yeah, the benefits are many. However, the fun of it all depends on whether you are doing it right or not. Men often complain about texting being ineffective or that it makes the CharmDate member lose interest in them. Well boys, you really do not have anyone to blame for that except yourselves. As said earlier – you have got to do it right to let her know that you really do like her. As the first impression is always the most important one; lets reflect on how you can use your first chance (and probably the best one, if not the only one) to impress her!

Dons and don'ts for first message to your Russian lady on

Read on and find out why she won’t text you back.

Do’s for the first message to your favorite lady:

i. When you send a message to her for the first time, use her name, rather than words like girl, babe or lady. Make sure that she understands that you are serious about her.

ii. Be happy; try to sound optimistic. Singles particularly dislike person who let their pessimism take over their vocabulary.

iii. Make it all about her so that she understands that you care about her enough to want to know more. Start the message with simple questions like “how are you?”, “what are you doing?”, or “what are your interests?”

iv. End the message well. Don’t just drop a casual “See you”. Try to write definite things like “I have to go now but if you want to talk I will be here.”

Don’ts for the first message to your favorite lady:

i. Do not, repeat – do not, make the mistake of sounding casual. Don’t use phrases like “Yo”, “what’s up” and so on. How many of you receive a real reply to that “what’s up”? It is mostly “nothing much, you” or worse, “nm, u”. Thus, the ‘what’s up ” has got to go.

ii. Do not text her repeatedly within a matter of few minutes. If you have sent her a message and she has not replied; be patient. Do not text her after a few seconds to ask her why she is not replying. Play it cool to avoid looking desperate.

iii. If she does reply and you find her text frustratingly short; do not text her back to ask why her reply was not longer. Understand that she might be busy or distracted. In the worst case scenario, she might not be interested in you. Whatever the case is, bothering her all the more is not going to get you anywhere.

iv. Don’t bombard her with proposals like “I like you” or “let’s go out together” in the very first text. Flirting from the get go will make her more reluctant than interested.

v. When you are texting her for the first time, do not use internet slangs. Too much of internet slangs makes you sound too casual.

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