Dating Russian Ladies Tips: Online Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you been looking for the right ways to score a date with the gorgeous Russian ladies online? You may have tried a number of online dating tactics but nothing seems to work out. Similarly, you may have also tweaked your profile a bunch of times but never ended up with a good catch.

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On the other hand, one of the possible reasons that keep you from scoring a date is that you are not doing things right online.

Below is a list of the biggest online dating mistakes people do that hinders them from proceeding to the dating stage:

Having a Long, Boring Profile

Your profile plays a vital role in your online dating journey. When signing up for a Russian dating website, meeting people and talking to them is naturally one of the things you want to start doing. Similarly, in order to draw people’s attention and have them reach out to you is through having a good online dating profile; thus, it must be interesting enough.

However, a lot of people make the mistake of writing a long paragraph talking about themselves, their job, and interests. As there are thousands of profiles people can check out in an online dating site, they surely won’t have the time to read a novel-like profile intro. Therefore, keep yours short but engaging enough.

Not Taking the Lead

If you are not proactive enough and just wait for people to message you first, online dating is not the place for you to find a lover. Although some people might reach out to you first, especially if you have eye-catching photos on your profile, but always waiting for others to make the first move won’t get you anywhere.

As there are tons of beautiful Russian girls online, why not try your luck and inbox them? You’ll never know, some of them might be nice enough to message you back. Once they reply to you, lead a getting-to-know-each-other conversation and make sure to add in humor.

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Sending Copied Messages

Messaging numerous Russian girls at a time and sending them a generic or copy-pasted message is another major mistake you shouldn’t be doing in online dating. Yes, it can be laborious to message everyone an original message, but doing it can give yourself a favor on this platform.

Women appreciate men who take some time and effort into composing heartfelt messages as it shows they are sincere and interested enough to reach out to them personally. For example, you are to message a Russian girl with red hair, you can send her a message of compliment such as “I like how your hair brings out the color of your eyes”, then swiftly introduce yourself at the end.

Being Too Fussy

With all the gorgeous Russian babes you’ll find in an online dating app, it can be extremely challenging to pick the ones to message. Additionally, with the overwhelming choice of Russian beauties online, your standard may get higher too and you may become picky.

However, being too fussy with who to message will keep you from scoring a date. Do take time in reading the members’ profiles first, and you’ll be surprised at the things you’ll discover from people which you never expect by looking at their display pictures.

Not Updating One’s Profile Regularly

People get easily upset when they don’t get the responses they’re expecting from people they messaged. However, one of the main reasons people get uninterested in responding further is because the other person’s profile seems un-updated or misleading.

Therefore, make sure to always update your profile by uploading your most recent photos and showcase your best shots. Moreover, make sure to only upload good-quality photos that show your best features. Avoid using photos with bad lighting or ones that are blurred.

Not Being Straightforward About Your Intentions

Being upfront about your motives is highly essential in online dating. If you don’t really want to have a romantic relationship with someone and you just wanted to be friends with her, be straightforward about it.

On the other hand, in case you meet a Russian beauty and you know you wanted to be more than just virtual pals with her, say it, and do not hide your intentions.

Having a List of Standards

It can be tempting for many people to jot down a list of things they are looking for someone on their profile. However, by doing this, not only are you going to sound like a finicky, but you’ll also look quite hard to please.

When you include a list of standards in your online dating profile, you are narrowing down your dating pool and as a result, you won’t be able to meet a lot of people.

Divulging Too Much Personal Information

Giving too much personal information to someone you just met online is one of the biggest missteps you surely must avoid in online dating. Details such as your address should not be divulged to anyone online, especially if you haven’t met personally.

Identity thieves are everywhere these days, and online dating websites are one of the easiest platforms for them to find a victim. They can easily take advantage of other people’s desire of meeting a lover to get the details they need.


Online dating is definitely the most practical way to find a lover these days. Having said that, finding someone to have a relationship with on such a platform is not as easy as ABC. However, if you avoid the mistakes mentioned above, you’ll get to enjoy the advantages the best online Russian chat and dating site has to offer.

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