Russian Dating Will Never Be the Same After Quarantine

COVID-19 put the whole world on hold but there is one thing that nothing can pause – love. Russian dating is standing strong against the pandemic; couples are finding new ways to keep relationships fresh and they are getting very creative about it. Quarantine life is leaving permanent marks on the dating ways we know. After the Coronavirus crisis, typical dating will have some major changes that we will need to adapt to.

New Yorkers Can Legally Get Married on Zoom
As HuffPost reports, New Yorkers can now get married on Zoom legally! Andrew Cuomo (D), New York Gov. issued an executive order that allows people from New York to obtain a marriage license remotely. He permitted clerks to use video conferences to perform ceremonies. Most of the existing laws in other countries banned these kinds of ceremonies but they might reconsider it now!

Quarantine life made us truly rethink everything we know and find new methodologies to perform old activities. Zoom weddings prove that love cannot wait. Even in the most dramatic times, it is in human nature to prioritize love. For that reason, we totally understand why online dating is growing its popularity during quarantine time. Forbes, New York Times, and BBC are only some mediums that wrote about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on traditional dating. They also claim that the dating game will change completely, primarily focusing on the sudden expansion of dating sites. In Russia, the situation is quite identical. The active users on Russian dating sites are growing rapidly. Online dating is a safe way to meet people.

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CharmDate is Encouraging Users to Meet Russian Women Online, an international dating platform, is encouraging users to utilize all the tools of the website to make their online dating experience more interesting. This website has an enormous users base; with high security and privacy levels, they managed to build a great reputation even before the Coronavirus. Now that there are more people online than ever. The developers of the site are constantly improving the platform. Apart from focusing on security, they also invest in advanced features that users find extremely interesting.

Video Calling Directly from the Site
Namely, Charmdate listened to users’ opinions and needs. One of the most common concerns of people that use online dating sites was the lack of tools for better user experience. For example, they would always need to share their social media or phone number so they could video call someone they met online. Sometimes, the person they would see on camera would not be what they expected; yet they already shared their personal information and they couldn’t take it back. To resolve that issue, introduced CamShare. It is an integrated video calling system for Charmdate users that makes video calling safer. Now, people that meet Russian ladies do not have to wait for too long before seeing them on camera. They can simply call directly on Charmdate.

Why are People So Interested in Online Dating Now?
The fact that online dating is at its peak during quarantine is not surprising at all. For months, people were not allowed to go out and interact with anyone. Being locked in, however, doesn’t stop us from wanting to meet people. Since we couldn’t do it in person, online dating seemed more attractive than ever. Even those that were skeptical about the authenticity of dating sites decided to give them a chance. After connecting with users worldwide, they were finally convinced of the effectiveness of dating platforms.

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Some of the reasons why quarantine enhanced online dating:

1.Inability to go out
The first and most obvious reason. As online chatting seems to be the best alternative to dating, people were quick to check out Charmdate and other dating apps. Thanks to these platforms, Russian dating stayed active during the whole quarantine period.

Self-isolation makes us feel lonely but accompanied at the same time. Lonely because we are spending time at home alone and accompanied because we know there are so many people feeling the same way all over the world. That makes users of Russian dating websites look for partners online. The more people do the same thing, the higher the chances are to meet perfect matches.

3.Quality sites
The quality and sustainability of good websites attracts people. Great results and a large userbase encourages everyone to register on a dating website. That way, the userbase keeps growing constantly. In the case of Charmdate, a good reputation and frequent implementations make users feel supported and taken care of. They feel like a part of a community that they don’t want to leave.

Is This the Right Time to Start Dating Online?
It’s definitely the best time to try online dating. Not only to make quarantine more interesting but because the chance to meet good matches is higher than ever. Wishing to talk to someone, most people are looking for comfort on the internet; even those that you would never think would register to online dating sites. Now, there are no judgments and everyone is open-minded about online dating. This revolutionary moment will bring permanent changes to the dating game that we know now. Seemingly, the way people view online dating will be different simply because most of them will try it out during quarantine.

If you ever thought that you should try a dating site to meet Russian women, now is your time.

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