Dating Sunday: How to Step Up Your Dating Game in this Special Dating Holiday

If you weren’t able to get yourself a date in 2019, then 2020 might just be the right time for you to get yourself a partner, especially that “Dating Sunday” is here.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Dating Sunday is a superficial holiday where online dating gets to be the busiest than any other day of the year. This simply means that it’s the perfect opportunity to start searching for an online date!

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But how exactly can you step up your online dating game, especially in As millions of online dating users test out their luck in online dating, here are some of the tips that will help you stand out during Dating Sunday:

1. Make sure to update your profile

The very first thing you want to do is update your bio and keep your information new and fresh. If you’ve been through some exciting adventures in the previous year, or perhaps learned or picked up new hobbies, then mentioning them in your bio could give you plus points.

Putting new hobbies or experiences in your bio tends to get lots of responses as they’re a good means of breaking the ice. It also shows your potential matches that you’re putting more effort into online dating and are serious about meeting your match.

2. Put more effort into your photos

Making your photos look as enticing or amazing as possible can actually increase your chances of landing a match. The same can be applied to using appropriate captions on your images. Photos that have a shallow depth of field, which refers to images where the subject is focused while the background is blurred, have a higher likelihood of getting more attention.

3. Start communicating with people

Don’t wait for someone to message you – make the first move instead. Start communicating with people, deliver that first message, and try to engage your matches as possible. However, when creating your first message, make sure it’s something that can capture the interest of your potential match.

One of the ways you can elicit a response is by asking questions instead of the mundane “Hi”. You can even send compliments. Additionally, if you receive a response, try to respond as soon as possible. If you keep your potential match waiting for a long time, then she’ll most likely start to disengage.

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4. Try searching for matches in the evening

Evenings are the most popular time of day for Therefore, you want to make sure that you search for potential matches during the evening as it’s often the time when most people log in. Also, before you start doing so, make sure you prepare some opening lines in advance so you’ll be ready to go.

5. Be more specific

If you want to get more potential matches, then you need to be more specific with your interests. Instead of simply listing several interests, try to focus on a single one and be more detailed about it.

For example, simply saying “I like running and hiking” won’t get you too much attention as it doesn’t really tell that much about you. Apart from that, there’s also probably thousands of other individuals who have written the same thing.

You can instead write it in a way that it’s more specific. For example, if you like hiking, then mention which hiking trails you often hike or the most recent trail you’ve been too. That will make it look more interesting to your potential matches.

6. Don’t limit your matches

It might sound counterproductive to the previous tip, but what this really means is to try to widen your filters. Though you might have some aspects that are non-negotiable (like dating someone with the same political beliefs as you), you don’t really want to limit your options by height.

You might not know it, but the perfect match for you might just be outside that filter you set. So instead of limiting your matches to height or other specific factors, try to widen that even if just a little bit.

7. Swipe a lot

The concept of online dating is pretty simple: the more you swipe right, the more matches you can get. During Dating Sunday, however, this could mean even more potential matches for you!

It doesn’t mean you have to swipe right on just about everyone. However, don’t write off any potential matches just because you found that their bios are not updated or have very few selfies (or perhaps a little too much). Maybe this year is about time for you to branch out and start exploring your options. Who knows? You might end up matching with someone whom you thought was not your type.

8. Consider getting an upgrade

Lastly, you want to consider upgrading your dating account. This could mean access to unlimited matches, having the ability to know who liked you, and more. This basically means you’ll be an online dating royalty even if it’s just for a day. And it doesn’t even cost that much!

Final Thoughts

If for some reason you end up missing Dating Sunday, then don’t worry. Peak dating season normally runs from December 26 up to Valentine’s Day, so there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to match with someone whom you can possibly date on February 14. So what are you waiting for? Start updating your profile now and take advantage of Dating Sunday!

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