Smart is the New Sexy: These Gorgeous Ladies Prove It

These ladies with master degrees will tear down all your prejudice about college girls being bookworms. They are bright and beautiful; as passionate about reading and outperforming their peers as wearing makeup and looking glamorous on their high heels. Meet the most beautiful smart women you have ever laid your eyes on and change the way you thought about them.


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Juliet is a romantic and a big dreamer. She loves being surrounded by beauty and believes in loving her partner for the rest of her life. Her dream is to form a family and is looking forward to meeting a man who respect the same values. She believes strongly on her core values that are confidence, understanding, love and fidelity. Juliet wants to find a strong man that is a little elder than her to form a family and live lovely romantic evenings listening to music after eating the perfect supper.


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Dasha is a strong woman with a strong character that describes herself as a straightforward simple girl. She doesn´t like going to clubs, smoking or drinking and considers a completely sincere person that can count with the fingers in one hand the true girlfriends in her life. Dasha is into sports, dance and books and trusts that finding a man who loves her as she is will be enough. Although she is hard to please, she considers herself sincere, intelligent, sweet and kind. Dasha is a simple girl looking for passionate love of a true companion.


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Alena is looking for simple human understanding. She is an outgoing girl with a high spirit that wants to have gentle embraces in warm nights from her loved one. Her intention is to find a soul mate who would open up all his deepest desires and secrets and that will cause the same effect on her. Alena accepts life as it is, is very well aware of her pluses and minuses and just feels happy by anticipating the miracle of happiness arriving to her life. She is not judgemental and is willing to accept her companion as he is as long as she accepted the same way by him.


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Describing herself as soft like a kitten and spicy as a fox, Olia has an explosive sense of humor. She is very straightforward, and shyness doesn’t hold her back. Olia is not afraid of initiating intimate caresses with her man and dreams to find someone she can be completely honest and open with. This intelligent lady believes that partners should never hold anything from each other, especially in intimate occasions. She is a woman that knows a lot about jurisdiction but can also do real-life minor tasks like milking a cow. Olia is very passionate and dreams of traveling with her man by RV feeling his hand on her knee.


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Tatiana is a smart blonde who loves decent and soft-spoken men. She believes that she fits perfectly in the modern definition of quintessential woman who does not drink or smoke. She is well educated, loves her career and would like to spend the rest of her life in another country. She is looking for a partner who will respect who she is as a person and understands that her heart is now fragile because of past hurts. Tatiana would love to chat in person much more than chatting online. She is open to dating and would like her man to work hard to make the relationship work. She is looking for a best friend for lifetime who may not be a trophy man.

The perfect and unique combination of a great conversation, a beautiful face, tender ways and delicate manners is nothing short of a treasure. These beautiful ladies with masters have all these qualities and then some. You never know when can you find the kind of woman that will revolutionize your world and put it upside down in a heart-beat. They believe in love and are waiting for the perfect match to make them laugh, smile and dance under the stars. These caring, smart and loving women are astonishingly beautiful professionals with which you can have a night-long conversation and an intimate evening without a single word.

They are the perfect match for strong men who are not afraid of challenges and strong women.

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