Charmdate: Psychologists explain why we are attracted to some Russian girls and not to others

When you date Russian women and select a partner, what do you think will make you both click? Many years of psychological research has helped us find interesting answers and psychologists have come forward to explain these facts to us. On a Russian dating site, have you ever wondered why you have been attracted to some Russian girls and not to others? Why are you attracted to a tall Russian girl and not a short one?


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You may have noticed if you have been dating before this attempt of yours that there may be a pattern to your dating history. You may have found that your ex-girlfriends were all extroverts or they may have had brown eyes and they were blondes. There is a big chance that you would pick a blonde Russian date that has brown eyes. This cannot be described as coincidence as it has much to do with the science behind why people are attracted to some girls and not others.

So, what is this science behind the attraction?! How can an understanding of this science help you when you browse through the best free dating sites for serious relationships?

Psychologists from various parts of the world have helped explain the factors that go into the psyche behind the attraction. Attraction, to begin with, is a psychological quality that evokes certain feelings of enticement. There are various factors which go into what people may find attractive when it comes to choosing their romantic partners. There are times when attractions may be formed over a period of time, based on the people you have been dating and your experiences with them, while at other times, attraction may go all the way back to your childhood days and your early impressions in life.

  • Childhood experiences have a big influence on what attracts you– According to several doctors, attraction gets shaped by the experience patterns we go through early in our lives. We can look back at such experiences when we were children and the kinds of people that were surrounding us. Those experiences will definitely affect many qualities that we get attracted to in our Russian girlfriend when we pursue her as an adult.
  • We carry forward emotional experiences – When we have any emotional trauma, we tend to be soft on people that help us during those times. For example, if tall people comfort us in times of distress when we are young, we get attracted to tall women. If mature people have always given us company, then we may get attracted to an Old Russian lady.

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  • Responding to bids for attention – Starting with our chat roulette Russianexperience, it would depend on how we progress in a relationship when we respond to our partner’s emotions. For example, if your partner loves dogs and showers plenty of affection on them, she would be keen to know how you will bid to react when she is with a dog. It would depend on whether you share her enthusiasm or you look the other way, indifferently.
  • Personality and charisma are important factors for attraction – Many psychologists feel that we would be attracted to a particular person’s presence in a room. This is because of that person’s strong charisma or personality. Maturity of an individual will also play a big part in the attraction factor. The more mature you get, you would be in a better position to understand how you will go around looking for a partner. You will be able to consider properly before you order a Russian mail bride.
  • Attractions tend to change over a period of time – This will happen based on our experiences once you begin datinghot Russian girls. There is a good chance that those experiences would then change and shape the qualities that we will get attracted to. The biggest thing that changes when we mature and grow older is how we feel about that sense of mystery when we anticipate dating Russian girls.

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