Will Dating a Friend Ruin the Friendship?

All women are beautiful and have great personalities, making them wonderful friends. You spend plenty of time together, share the same interests, and have mutual friends. Before you know it, you have a crush on your female friend and you are wondering whether to take your relationship to the next level.

But is dating a friend that you met on a dating site a good idea or will it ruin your friendship? Find out below.

Can Dating Your  Friend Work?

Some Women have a sweet and kind personality that makes them great wives, mothers, and most importantly, friends. They are fun, respectful, and easy to connect with. Because of their personality, your friendship can quickly develop into a physical attraction. This can leave you wondering whether you are risking your friendship for love. 

Most lasting relationships are built on the foundation of friendship. Dating a woman can seem like a good idea, especially if you are friends and share similar values and interests. Ideally, it is easy to get along with your friend than with a stranger. According to studies, most people are attracted to people they have known for some time. 

The Risk Involved

While dating a friend can seem like a great idea, there is no denying that there are risks involved. There are several things to consider including whether you are ready to invite your best friend into your inside world.

You also risk getting a no for an answer if your female friend only sees you as a friend and nothing more. You risk losing your best friend if you decide to get into a relationship and the break-up ends on bad terms. Worse still, your social group could also fall apart if you both had mutual friends. 

Therefore, before you take things to the next level, you must keep in mind that you have crossed a line. Things with your best friend will change forever, and you may never get back to how your relationship used to be if things don’t work. 

Several Things to Remember About Dating Your Friend

Despite the risks involved, dating a friend can still lead to a great romantic relationship. Here are key things to put into consideration when making this decision to ensure a successful relationship.

  1. Take Some Time to Reflect

Transitioning from friendship to a romantic relationship involves a lot of dynamics. Before you ask her out on an official date, take the time to reflect on what this could mean for your friendship.

Are you open to the potential of being rejected, hurt, and eventually losing your friend? Once you decide what matters most to you, it will help you make the right decision.

  • It Can Be a Bit Awkward

Dating someone who also happens to be your friend, can feel awkward at first. Plenty of intimate feelings are involved as the brain and body release feel-good hormones like oxytocin and dopamine.

However, things may not work instantly just because you have been friends. The good news is that it can be quite easy to transition into a relationship when both of you are willing to work on it.

  • Ensure That You are Compatible

While you may be compatible as friends, it is also vital to ensure that you can be compatible as romantic partners. Make sure that you share similar values and interests. You should also agree on most things when it comes to your dating expectations. 

  • Make Your Intentions Clear

Before dating a friend, you need to ensure that you are both on the same page. This is true when pursuing a relationship with your friend. 

Are you looking for a casual relationship or one leading to something serious? Generally, what makes the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship with women is intimacy. Therefore, it helps to define the kind of relationship you want with your friend.

This is also true if it’s your friend who wants a romantic relationship and you are not interested. Don’t lead her on as this will be taking advantage of her interests. Instead, be honest and make your intentions of respecting your friendship boundaries clear.

How to Maintain Your Friendship If Relationship Doesn’t Work Out

If dating your friend doesn’t work out, it is still possible to maintain your friendship. However, this will depend on the level of your friendship and maturity.

There is no denying that breakups are tough and can ruin a friendship. Fortunately, handling the situation maturely can increase the chances of building your friendship again. 

To retain your friendship, it helps to remain respectful no matter how painful and destressing the situation can be. Resist the urge to blame her for not being interesting in a relationship and give her adequate space rather than being pushy.

Also, don’t forget to be compassionate towards yourself. If your friend is not open to progressing your relationship towards romance, accept the situation and take some time to come to terms with the situation. This will do you more good than harm rather than neglecting yourself in the pain and hurt.


Online dating sites are a great place to create friendships that can potentially develop into romantic relationships. If your friendship is more important than a romantic relationship, it is recommendable to take some time apart.

This will help you respect your boundaries and save your friendship. However, if you are willing to go for it, be honest, set boundaries, and take things slowly.

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