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Finding a partner is not all about the looks. If you want to live a happy life together, having similar personalities and similar interests are extremely important things to think about. If you had a huge interest in art, wouldn’t it be nice if there were someone you could chat to about it? Someone who you could go with to an art exhibition? Here are some lovely ladies who could do just that:

Alina,pretty girl

Alina is 32 years old and from Kiev. Apart from being extremely easy-going, she has beautiful artistic looks. Maybe because she has lived in the artistic city of Kiev from a young age, Alina loves art. She has loved painting since she was a child, after her mother showed her how to preserve a flower from the summer to winter by placing it between the pages of a book. As a result, Alina chose to be a designer and she has been very happy with her career ever since. Apart from art, Alina also loves going to the gym, reading and studying recipes, trying to cook all kinds of food at the weekends, as she doesn’t like ready-made meals. If you also like Da Vinci or Dali, or like visiting art exhibitions, maybe you two could get along quite well!


Anna is a young, cheerful and passionate girl with a beautiful smile. She has a carefree life; living in the moment is her life motto, which reflects her profession of being a designer. Being an optimistic lady, Anna tries not to think too much about negative aspects of life, but rather how she could spend her future being happy with someone she loves. Anna’s romantic nature leads her to wanting to find herself a kind, sincere caring and romantic man who can appreciate her, protect her and make her happy. If you are a man who has a similar personality and can give Anna the love she needs, she will also give you all her love. You two could be a happy couple together!

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