Charmdate: Things Russian Singles Would Appreciate if You Do on Your First Date

It’s natural to be nervous about your upcoming first date, especially when you’re dating Russian singles. Screwing up is the last thing you’d want to do. There are literally thousands of articles you can find on the Internet telling you about the things you should avoid on your first date.

But what about the things you should do when one of the Russian girls on an online dating site finally accepted your proposal to go on a date? We aren’t talking about the obvious tips like “being nice to the waitress,” “holding the doors for her,” “not being too pushy about the first kiss,” and “listening to her.”

To avoid repeating the obvious first-date rules over and over again, we interviewed Russian women looking for men to ask them about the things they want a man to do during the first date.

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Russian Women Talk About the Things You Should Do on a First Date

Getting real Russian girls to accept your invitation to go on a date is half the success. After all, you’re still expected to go through a super nervous first-date experience. You’ve probably heard hundreds of men and women sharing their embarrassing first-date experiences and telling stories about how their first date went wrong.

And you certainly wouldn’t want to end up as the main character of one of such stories on the Internet, would you? That’s why we decided to ask around Russian women from online dating sites to find out the things that men have done during first dates that made them want to go on a second date with them.

Remember the Little Things

If you go on a date with a woman you’ve found on online dating for singles, chances are you’ve chatted for at least a few weeks or months prior to the first date. Obviously, you’ve talked about plenty of stuff throughout all this time.

“When a man remembers the little things I told him about when chatting a while ago, it definitely turns me on,” says Nastya, 23.

find Russian girlfriendsGentlemen, take notes. When there’s something she says that you think it’d be worth mentioning or referencing in your future conversations, write it down. Seriously. Or if you were blessed with a good memory, remember these things. If you want to make your first-date conversation more interesting, this study published in ResearchGate recommends focusing on lively narratives and avoiding many direct questions.

Respect the Boundaries

Sending the first text after your first date is always tough, especially when you have no idea what your date thinks about you or if she even wants to see you again. If you sensed that the woman you went on a first date with has a hard time taking a step forward in your potential romantic relationship, give her time.

“I like it when men aren’t too pushy about moving things fast forward during or after a first date, which is why I was very pleased when this handsome foreigner I went on a date with texted me afterward and acknowledged that he was willing to give me time to heal my breakup wounds because I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship,” says Svetlana, 29.

You can go a really long way to find Russian girlfriend by respecting her boundaries, acknowledging her tough situation, and not being pushy about moving things forward too fast. Think about it like the time when you did your first Russia webcam chat together. You didn’t transition into a video chat straight away, did you?

Avoid Playing Mind Games

“She’s going to lost interest if I text her too soon,” “She’s going to think I’m too desperate if I ask her to go on a second date…” These and many other mind games are played by men who have no idea what to do after their first date, particularly those who are wondering, “Why are Russian girls so hot?”

There are many unwritten rules about first dates, like when and how a man should text a girl after the date to paint himself in the most positive light possible. Well, forget everything you’ve read before because Russian women hate it when men start playing mind games.

“I was very surprised and pleased at the same time when a man texted me that same night after our first date and said he enjoyed how we spent the date,” said Natalia, 26. “Usually, in modern dating game which is all about technology, men play mind games after the first date, and some even wait until the woman texts him! That’s ridiculous, don’t do it, guys!”

Ask If She Arrived Home Safely

If the girl said she’ll arrive home safely on her own and she doesn’t need you to accompany her all the way to her doorstep, in no way does it mean that you don’t have to worry about her safety.

“When this guy asked me if I got home okay, I knew I was definitely going to go on a second date with him because he actually cared and was thinking about me!” says Veronica, 21. It’d make sense to ask if she arrived home safely and then finish off by scheduling a date for your next date.

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