Charmate: A Study Finally Found What’s the Best Photo to Use on Dating Sites to Attract Hot Russian Women

Although online dating has been around for many years already, many male users from all across the world still have absolutely no idea which of their photos are best for dating sites and apps to attract more hot Russian women.

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We’ve seen it all. Some men choose to pose shirtless in their bathroom to take a selfie photo, while others upload photos of them hunting or fishing. Some pose in front of fancy cars, while others use snaps of them barely standing and clearly intoxicated from their drunken nights in bars.

All of these photos have been proven by studies to do nothing but repel women on dating sites for singles. But if these photos are all you’ve got, and you have no idea which photo to use for your online dating profile to meet a sexy Russian woman, you may want to continue reading.

Which photos attract more attention from women than ‘bathroom shirtless’ photos?

A recent study by Professor Alixandra Barasch at the NYU Stern School of Business and Professor Jonah Berger at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has finally found which photos are more likely to get more likes from charming Russian women and matches on online dating sites.

According to the study, using candid photos in your dating profile is the best thing you can do to be more successful around Russian girls and women on dating apps.

Candid photos are genuine photos that were taken by someone else when the subject (you) weren’t paying attention to the camera and/or were not aware that you were being photographed as opposed to posing for the camera. Yes, there’s something magical about these photos, and this study has just proven it.

According to the professors, candid and genuine photos trigger positive responses because they give a quick “glimpse” into who you really are when that picture-perfect mask of yours is off.

What are ‘candid’ or ‘genuine’ photos?

But how does it translate to your online dating strategy if you want to Russian chat women? Which photos will be perceived as “candid” and “genuine”?

Charmate,hot Russian women,

For example, remember that time you and your best friend were fooling around, and your other friend took a photo of you? That one might get more female attention than you think. Or remember when your friend took a photo of you during your birthday party when you received this cool gift and were genuinely smiling? That one might also be great for your dating profile, because genuine smiling is a rarity in the modern era of fake smiles on social media and online dating sites.

In other words, photos in which you do not pay attention to the camera or are not aware of being photographed are the best in terms of their “genuineness.” You may think that you’re looking your absolutely best when forcefully posing to the camera, but candid and effortless photos are the ones that really count when you’re looking for Russian girl on dating apps.

Why are candid photos the best for dating profile?

These days, when fakery and lack of authenticity have taken over social media and dating apps, people value candid and genuine photos more because they feel more accurate. After all, when we look at photos of someone – especially when that someone is our potential life partner – we want to get a feel of what this person is like in real life. So when hot Russian girls chat with a guy on an online dating site, they look through all of his photos before responding.

And those forcefully posed and professional photos may not be the best reflection of who you really are. Candid photos, on the other hand, are. So you may want to refresh your online dating profile before engaging in a Russia girls chat, and, when browsing online, don’t forget to like the profiles of beautiful girls to get more attention and get women to click on your profile, on which they will instantly fall in love with you on that candid photo of yours!

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