Charmdate: Top 6 Men’s Qualities To Find A Woman In Russian Speaking Countries

Those looking for a woman in Russian speaking countries are often confused about what Russian women want when it comes to dating a man. For some reason, many guys across the world believe that Russian women are looking for fit and muscular men who have tons of money.

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In addition to that, a man’s chances seem to increase tenfold if he behaves like a complete jerk and treats women poorly. But this is actually a false impression of what Russian girls consider to be an ideal man.

There are plenty of those muscular jerks with their pockets full of money on online dating websites, but it’s not like hot Russian beauties fall into their lap so easily. So what are the most important qualities women look for in men?


Many men tend to think that being handsome is the most important thing if you want sexy Russian beauties to look in your direction, let alone want to date you. But this isn’t true, as being humorous is actually far more important than being handsome.

Unfortunately, whenever most men read on the Internet that traditional Russian women are attracted by guys with a sense of humor, they think fart jokes and making fun of other people is considered “a good sense of humor.” In reality, Russian women are looking for guys who enjoy making other people laugh, have a witty sense of humor, and are able to have a laugh about serious topics as long as it’s not at the expense of other people.


Women on real Russian dating sites complain about it all the time. It’s super difficult to find a man who’s a good listener. A man who’s a good listener is a rare phenomenon in our self-absorbed and selfish world. So those looking for hot Russian beauties on the most popular Russian websites should definitely consider improving their listening skills before entering a relationship. Impress your lady with your ability to listen to her on your first date, and you’ll be more irresistible and desirable in her eyes than Ryan Gosling.

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Those who have ever tried to participate in the Russian roulette video chat know it better than anyone else: without confidence, you won’t get far if you’re interested in meeting in Russian speaking countries.

Unfortunately, many guys fail to see a difference between being confident and being a self-absorbed jerk. In fact, being confident about your appearance is arguably the most important aspect of a man’s confidence. If you aren’t confident in your own skin, you’ll have a hard time attracting women.


Empathy is often confused with mushiness and emotional sensitivity, both not very attractive traits in a man. Being empathetic, on the other hand, means being thoughtful and caring about your loved ones, being sincere in your concern for other people, and thinking of others and their interests. In other words, being empathetic is the opposite of being selfish.

Shared values

If you are looking for a committed relationship with Russian women on online dating websites, it’s important that you have shared values with that woman. However, in no way does it mean that you need to be the exact same person or have the same opinion about everything. Having shared values means being on the same page about your goals in a relationship.


Patience is the most obvious sign of emotional maturity, which is a top-rated men’s quality for any serious relationship with a woman. Patience breeds confidence. By being patient, you are able to listen to another person and wait for your turn to express your own opinion.

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