Summer solstice day in 2021 can be very romantic with Russian girls

The year’s longest sunshine day is just around the corner! While that means longer daylights to the meteorologists, it means the day of romance to singles and couples altogether. And what’s another better way to spend this beautiful, long-awaited day than with a gorgeous single Russian girl?

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The summer solstice day in 2021 kicks the onset of a new beginning, a renewal process, and divine equilibrium. It’s an expression of fertility in plants as well as men and women. If you’ve been battling singledom and feel it’s time you got yourself a partner, why not do it when the sun brings the luck of fertility with it during this year’s summer solstice?

 Luckily, you don’t need to move out of the country to do so; you can meet singles on some of the best Russian dating sites. You only have about two weeks to sharpen your seduction tactics and get your dating profile prepped for this big day.

How Tough Is It to Talk to Russian Girls Online?

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First, it’s imperative to recognize Russian girls online as human beings, so don’t try to do things that any sane person wouldn’t like. Second, and most important thing, they’re women, so you should up your game and avoid things that easily turn women off.

Then there are those Russian babes with some cultural peculiarities that you should bear in mind to add flavor to your chats. Let’s have a look at these tips to ensure you get yourself a partner during this year’s summer solstice.

What to Do When Chatting with Russian Ladies Online

The traditional Russian girl is timid and well laid back. She’ll hardly be the first to approach a stranger. That demands you to start conversations get them onto your radar. You’ll, of course, find this behavior with women from other ethnicities as well. The key strategy is to do it in a way that will charm any Russian lady.

Avoid cliché

Getting a reply from a woman online is a good gesture that she’s more likely to give you a chance. How you begin your conversation will determine if she gives you a reply or not.  Avoid the common phrases that women generally find unappealing or lack a sense of creativity.

Before sending your opening message, think of whether she’s heard of it before. There are thousands of phrases she’s heard before so pick your words carefully. Obvious things to never dare start a conversation with include, “Hi, you look beautiful, and I like you.”  Of course, she’s gorgeous, she knows that, and hundreds of other men have told her that. Stand out from the rest.

A better strategy would be visiting her profile, checking her profile picture, reading about her interests, line of work, education, whether she’s got pets and so on. For instance, spot a peculiar thing on her profile and start a conversation out of it.

Compliments Are Key

single russian girls

No matter how tough a woman may seem, compliments will always melt her heart. The key to grabbing the attention of single Russian girls is chatting with her wittily while throwing in some compliments. But take caution not to sound too cheesy or use common phrases like “You’re too pretty.”

Identify something peculiar and exciting on her profile and connect it with her physical looks. Don’t focus too much on her appearances; else, you risk looking like a psycho with a motive.

Get Ready for Big Talks or Go Home

If you played your cards right, received numerous responses and she seems to get more interested, be ready to talk about issues in detail. Russian ladies often aren’t like their counterparts from other regions when it comes to conversation.

They tend to avoid general talks and won’t go too much deep. They prefer conversing about interesting topics or things they’re going through. Be cautious not to infringe into intimate issues though. They are protective of their feelings and emotions and will hardly open too soon to people they aren’t very comfortable with. Bear this in mind in your quest to meet Russian ladies online.

Never be too persistent with advice  

Importantly, Russian women don’t like to be told what to do or how to live their lives. You may offer one or two pieces of advice, but don’t make it the norm of your conversations.  When you need to mention something to her, do it in the form of hints with little persistence.

Things to Never Mention to A Russian Ladies Online

Whether you’re a Russian man or a foreigner, there are topics you should avoid at all costs when you meet Russian singles online. Most native men already know this, but it’s worth mentioning for everyone to know in advance before approaching a girl on Russian dating sites.

Religion and Politics

These are considered controversial and are a sensitive topic to mention when trying to attract women. Always never bring up these topics unless she starts the conversation, which in most cases, they won’t. Most women are uninterested in politics and tend to avoid affiliations to religious beliefs. Keep your talks based on romance and other topics that excite her, such as her hobbies and interests.

Dirty Talks

The very essence of online dating is finding a partner with whom she will eventually share sensual feelings. But you shouldn’t mention it when chatting with Russian girls online. They want someone to value them and spend time with them without focusing on her body only. So don’t paint her as a sex object with sex talks.

Rudeness, lack of opinion and initiative

The fact is, most guys in Russia are perceived as bashful and often rude. That’s why appearing soft and chivalry towards a girl online will make your quest to find a partner during summer solstice easier. Be courteous towards her, and she’ll surely draw closer.

Another undesirable trait is a lack of initiative. Russian women like men who stay true to their words and can defend their viewpoint with confidence. These are traits of an insecure and weak man. No single woman would want that.

Final Thoughts

Men from the west are perceived as romantic by Russian girls because of their chivalry. Add this to your strategies when approaching singles on dating sites, and you’re sure to find yourself a beautiful Russian girl.

Honestly, what is mentioned here revolves around being a gentleman to a lady. Impressing and catching the fascination of Russian singles online shouldn’t be difficult if you act right towards her. Most importantly, don’t be boring, show your zeal towards her interests and hobbies, and show confidence in yourself.

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