Superstitions You Need To Know When Dating Russian Girls

Russian girls see staring a family as some sort of an ambition since young age. This is the reason why there are many superstitions in the country when it comes to romantic relationships.

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If you consider joining Russia dating sites and meeting women there, you would not want to offend them. You can avoid this situation by familiarizing yourself with some of Russian superstitions. Here are the top superstitions that you need to know when dating a Russian lady:

Dinner Table

One famous and interesting superstition you need to know when dating Russian woman is that she should not sit at the table corner. Russians believe that if a woman does this, she will not meet her future partner for at least 7 years.


Russian women should sweep coming from windows to the door and clean all the dirt in their house. Moreover, they should not sweep away from themselves. It is believed that this will scare away all her suitors.


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Russians consider it a bad sign when another woman tries on the wedding dress and veil of the bride. They believe that the one who did it will never get married.

Another superstition they have is that the man and woman who are egaged should not look back while they are on their way to the church. This means they should not be tempted to look back even if something interesting passes by. That is because this can symbolize that they are looking at their past lives, such as their home and lifestyle, among many others. They believe that this could result in not being happy with their life as a couple.

Before the wedding, the groom should not see the wedding dress. It is believed that this would bring bad fortune. Most Russians still follow this superstition strictly. They also think that telling the wedding dress price if the man didn’t buy it can damage the relationship.


Russia has a lot of superstitions about this month. When someone’s wedding is in May, this can indicate that the union will suffer. This is the case since a wordplay uses “mai” or May and “mayatsya” or suffer.


If a single woman just had her first godchild, she must not baptize if it is a girl. They believe that the godchild will take the happiness of the woman. Nevertheless, this is alright if a single woman has a godson.


When you meet Russian women, you will be surprised if they share with you that they were told to wear their skirts over their heads from the time they were young. They have a superstition that their husband will be unfaithful to them if they step in their skit or hoist it up to their legs.


You will not likely see young women wearing a ring on their ring finger in Russian dating profiles. If they wear it before getting married, it is believed they will not get married. Moreover, potential admirers will assume that she is not available to date.

Another superstition they have is that wedding rings must not be removed and shown to others. In Western countries, this is alright when someone asks to check the ring. This gesture is harmless, but this is unacceptable in Russia. Removing the wedding ring signifies that the person is throwing away the happiness and love and offering it to that person. This applies to both men and women.

If you meet your life partner on a Russian dating site, you have to remember not to give your whole hand to the person asking you to show your ring or show while you hold your hand up. Put simply, Russians believe that a ring symbolizes a relationship, so it should not be taken off.


If you live with a Russian girlfriend and you stepped on her foot accidentally due to not watching your step, you should not be surprised if she intentionally steps on your foot, too. This is a Russian dating superstition wherein they believe that you will have a major fight or argument if she does not do this in return.

They also think that the partner who has a longer second toe compared to the big toes will be the one to handle the relationship.


When going out with a Russian woman, giving her flowers is a good idea. However, there are things you have to keep in mind before getting her some flowers.

First, you should not give yellow flowers. Russians believe that giving yellow flowers to a date or girlfriend means the relationship will not last long because of a serious fight. Next, give the number of flowers in odd numbers. This superstition is interesting because giving flowers in odd numbers is good, but giving flowers in even numbers for funerals is more appropriate.


Finally, you know some of the superstitions when dating Russian beauties. You might have thought, Why are Russian women so beautiful? Aside from their appearance, their culture makes them beautiful. One part of their culture is their superstitions. Russians have many superstitions regarding relationships, so knowing these is crucial when dating them. For instance, you can avoid giving your Russian date a gift that can offend their superstitions.

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