The Science Behind Summer Love: Is It a Myth or Reality?

Summer is the season of fun, joy, and love! While the two first things may feel like a walk in the park, the latter one summer love sometimes comes with its own set of issues and challenges.

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Every year, when the warm weather starts to creep in, there is always an urge within that tells us to go out there and meet someone new.

What Makes Summer Love Happen

In terms of fun and excitement, the summer season has a lot to offer. From enjoying a weekend trip to the Caribbean with the boys to having a barbeque night with close friends and family members, it seems like there is a lot of enthusiasm in the air.

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During all the fun things that may happen during the bright and sunny months, there is a possibility that we meet someone new who grabs our attention, trigger a certain kind of emotion within our heart, and force us to hit it off. When this happens, we call this carefree and temporary kind of relationship “summer love”.

There is actually a scientific explanation behind the instantaneous and intriguing bond that happens during the summer months. To start, scientists believe that more sun exposure is one of the deciding factors. When we get enough sunlight, our bodies produce more dopamine, which plays a big role in feelings like happiness and excitement.

Another reason we are very open to making new connections during the summer is that we don’t carry the stress from our “normal life”. These sunny months provide a break from our hectic lifestyle. Moreover, occasions like the Fourth of July make it even more exciting to have short-term attachments with new people.

What Experts Say About Summer Love

People can choose any time of the year to fall in love, yet somehow it just becomes more common in the summer. Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is all the parties, or maybe it is all the booze people drink throughout this time.

Regardless of the real reason that leads things to summer flirts and flings, social activity (both online and offline) is a playing factor. In fact, statistics show that people often change their relationship a few weeks prior to summer, preparing themselves to go through the season with no strings attached.

Surprisingly, nostalgia also has a significant role within the summer love context. The casual nature of the season often evokes a feeling that makes us long for a simpler, innocent time when our adult life was yet to be written. There is always a longing for the carefree days of our youth and the potential that lies ahead.

Despite all the good things that happen during the summer months, every season will eventually come to an end. The allure of summer romance will wear off. What was once a warm and breezy romance may no longer be as appealing. This might be quite confusing for anyone who has had a summer affair. Having said that, experts caution us not to mistake the fun you had together when you were day drinking at the beach for lifetime compatibility.

How to Avoid the Summer Heartbreak

The most important thing you should understand about summer love is that it may not always be as picturesque as the ways movies and songs describe it. So, to avoid summer heartbreak, it is probably best not to force it to be something it is not.

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And, of course, you should not feel bad about having a quick summer romance. After all, you should not pretend that she is the love of your life and force yourself to stay within the relationship up until the winter, right?

By not taking things for granted and appreciating your summer story for what it really is, you can immerse yourself in a beautiful moment and maybe even open up new doors for the thrilling days ahead. Still, you should understand what you are getting yourself into and make sure the other person is on the same page as you are.

Obviously, things in your summer love story will start to go downhill when one person starts to catch feelings and seek exclusivity while the other wants to keep it casual and think it is best to stop seeing each other by fall. When this is the case, don’t ghost and try to be honest about these things as early as you can.

The Takeaway

Summer is the perfect season to meet new people! It is the time when everyone is out to have fun, giving us endless opportunities to catch sight with some interesting strangers. Even if going out is not our forte, we can still go online and make new connections by using a dating app.

All in all, it would be a waste if we spent the whole summer on our own and keep ourselves back from meeting someone new. Who knows, maybe that gym momma you meet at the gym or the sun-tanned girl who gave you a wink while you were on the beach can bring you to a more exciting path in your life!

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