11 Things Women Want Men to Know

According to on online dating research most men find women to be extremely puzzling and uncertain in many things. Some men find women demanding but can’t make up their minds at the same time. 

However, most women only want a few simple things from their men. Knowing these things and implementing them can go a long way in improving your relationship. 

Here are some of the things most women want men to know. 

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  • A Confident Man is Appealing

Nothing attracts a woman more than a man that believes in himself and knows exactly what he wants. Confident men are comfortable with who they are and trust themselves in achieving their goals in life.

However, you should note that being confident is way different from being cocky though. Most women get turned off by men who are full of themselves. 

  • They Love Getting Compliments

If you want your woman to stay happy and feel appreciated, shower her with compliments any chance you get. This is especially true if she puts effort into things like cooking, dressing up, and more. No matter how small the compliments you throw their way, women undoubtedly love being praised for the little things.

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  • They Love it When You Dress to Impress

Women may not always say this, but they want a man that can make an effort to dress up and look their best. If you are going out for dinner or a romantic date, take some time to pick your outfit and decide which one looks best on you.

  • They Want You to Be Honest and Trustworthy

No woman in the world wants a man that is dishonest and can’t be trusted. Once you break her trust, it will be difficult to gain it back.

Women prefer the truth no matter how small or big the situation may be. They want a man that will give them assurance and peace of mind. However, do not say upfront that she looks ugly when she asks for your opinion about her new dress. Be honest but do it in nicely.

  • Having a Good Sense of Humor is Sexy

Most women find men who have a great sense of humor highly appealing. They want their man to make them grin and lighten up their mood. 

You don’t have to be a comedian to impress your woman. However, being able to throw jokes and goof off is a great way of keeping her happy. 

  • A Mature Man is a Plus

Apart from having good humor, women also want a man that is mature enough emotionally and mentally. A man that knows their responsibilities and has a goal in life is highly impressive.

No woman wants a man that is undecided and can’t think rationally in difficult situations. You should be mature enough and willing to have an open discussion to solve problems especially when you are in long distance online dating

  • They Appreciate it When You Make Plans

Some men just let their women make all the decisions when it comes to planning for things such as a date, dinner, vacation, and special celebrations. Organizing and arranging things can be very stressful for your partner. Thus, getting involved in the planning is something she will surely appreciate. 

Moreover, apart from getting involved, women also love it when men plan things on their own. How about you plan a surprise dinner or movie date?

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  • Having good hygiene is attractive.

During a long-term relationship, some men can get overly confident with their partner and don’t bother to look after their grooming. While your woman may not say anything about it, she is definitely going to appreciate it if you take proper care of yourself and your hygiene. 

  • They Want Casual Talks Here and There

No matter how busy both of you are, your woman wants you to know that they appreciate and cherish casual relationship conversations. Thus, whenever you can, take some time to have a random chat with your partner over coffee or whilst slouching on the couch with your phones down. 

  • They Want Their Man to Be Caring

A caring and compassionate man is highly appealing to a woman. Most women love it when their man makes an effort to console them in negative situations such as a bad day at work. 

Your woman may probably not say it at all but she most likely wants you to show her that you care and you want her to feel better. 

  • Women Want to Be Listened to And Heard. 

Women want their men to be someone they can turn to in crucial situations whether good or bad. Be someone who knows how to listen and empathize with your woman especially if she needs to get things off her chest. Besides offering her a shoulder to cry on, also be there to give her the advice that she needs. 


These are just some of the things women wish men knew. With these tips in hand, keeping her happy, comfortable, and content should not be such a laborious ordeal. 

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