Celebrating Orthodox Easter With Ukrainian Girls

The most wonderful and brightest holiday celebrated by Ukrainian girls is Easter. It is not surprising that there are many different traditions for this special celebration. Some of these traditions were handed down to Ukrainians by their ancestors, so they keep these activities and traits intact.

However, some have been changed throughout the years to adapt to different family customs. If you are considering online dating Ukraine, continue reading to learn how orthodox Easter is celebrated in this country.

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Orthodox Easter In Ukraine

Velykden is the Ukrainian word for Easter. It means a great day which perfectly describes this holiday in Ukraine. The origin of the Easter celebration in Ukraine is the same as in other Christian communities.

However, Ukrainians primarily observe the Orthodox faith and calendar. Dating in Kiev during this time, you will realize that they celebrate Easter after Catholics celebrate Easter. They begin their Easter preparation two months ahead. They prepare by devotedly going on fasting and other practices to show their passion for their faith. 

When you meet beautiful Ukraine women, you will look forward to celebrating Easter with them because of the festive vibe in the country. Families also celebrate together and share food.
What Happens During Easter In Ukraine?

The celebration of Easter Sunday begins at sunrise, following the Ukrainian tradition. What happens is the faithful go to the Resurrection Services. When you take part in the service before the Divine Liturgy, you will go around a church three times. This represents the visit of women to the tomb on the first morning of Easter to sanctify the Body of Christ.

The procession is similar to what is done on Good Friday. A worshiper leads and carries the crucifix. The altar boys also use wooden clappers or kalatala, and elderlies in the parish bring the Holy Burial Shroud or Plaschanitsa. After going around the church the third time, the procession goes to the church’s doors. This represents that it is only possible to enter the Kingdom of God after the Resurrection of Jesus.
Then, the priest sings Khrystos Voskres, or Christ is Risen, a happy Easter song on his own first. Then, all the faithful sing the song the second time. The priest sings this song the third time after hitting the church doors using the crucifix, and the congregation joins in singing.
When dating Ukrainian ladies, you should understand that this reminds them that heaven is open for all because the Lord has saved people through His death. The Divine Liturgy of Easter starts after everyone enters the church.

Easter Eggs


One of the most well-known traditions of Easter celebration in Ukraine is pysanka, or intricately-decorated eggs. Pysanka means “to write” in English. Creating these intricate eggs is very complex. You can often enjoy this with Ukrainian singles during the final week of Lent.

Eggs with the smoothest texture and perfect shape are used. They use a stylus to make perfectly detailed and clean lines and patterns on the eggs. Then, these are given to loved ones and friends to symbolize the gift of life. If you have the chance to make a pysanka for your special someone, you can design it based on her personality.

Easter Bread

Paska, or Easter bread, is a well-decorated Easter bread in Ukraine. Following their tradition, bakers should have pure thoughts and work in silence to make sure that they create the bread properly and make it very fluffy. When beautiful women from Ukraine make this bread, no one is allowed to enter the house while they bake.

Similar to pysanka, paska is intricately decorated with images inspired by springtime. Some traditions stand firm on three loaves. The first loaf is for honoring nature, the second load is for the dead, and the third load is for honoring people on earth.

Church Bell Ringing

While families are enjoying their breakfast on Easter, the joyful ringing of the church bells can often be heard. This is to celebrate and proclaim the Resurrection of the Lord. Ringing the bell is done by one of the village boys. Whoever rings the bell first is believed to be the first one to have many accomplishments in the coming year.

Three Day Celebration

Dating Ukrainian women and celebrating Easter with them is more fun because this holiday lasts for three days. Aside from having no work, there is also a lot of food. Ukrainians have a lot of time to spend in church with their loved ones and friends. When you celebrate with them, you can roll the krashanky. Krashanky is a hard-boiled egg with a plain color. The game also has many variations.

Line rolling is the most popular among girls. Girls stand alongside and roll the eggs back and forth with their counterparts. The girls who remain with an uncracked egg win all the cracked eggs. Another variation of krashanky is chockami. Two children tap their eggs on each other until one gets broken. The winner is the one whose egg did not crack and gets to keep the cracked egg.

Older children have the airborne version of the line rolling version. Instead of rolling, they throw the eggs to their counterparts. The last pair with an uncracked egg is the winner.

Final Words

Finally, you understand how orthodox Easter is celebrated. Knowing this is important when you consider dating Ukraina ladies. That is because Easter is an important part of their culture.

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