Looking For a Single Russian Woman? Make Sure You Read These 6 Dating Tips First

If you want to find a single Russian woman, there are quite a few things you need to know about Russian women to conquer international dating sites and become a walking magnet for sexy Russian ladies.,Russiansexy girls,

You don’t need to come from a wealthy family or be successful to be surrounded by Russian girls. All you need to do to be successful and desirable around them is unlock the key to dating Russian women.

And we are about to share that key with you to unlock your dating powers and capabilities on russiawomenonline dating sites.

In Soviet Russia, women don’t go halfsies

Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t reach for her purse to split the bill. If you go on a date with a single Russian woman, the phrases, “Should we split the bill?” and “Should we go halfsies?” should be out of your vocabulary. In Russia, is it not acceptable for women to pay for dinner or drinks when they are on a date with a man. Yes, she might reach for her wallet out of courtesy, but this is just a pretense (she expects you to say, “No, no, I will handle this all by myself”). I mean, a Russian woman will pay for herself if you decide to “go halfsies,” but don’t expect her to return your calls or go on a second date with you.

When in Russia, forget about feminism

If you date Russian women in USA, you might have gotten used to the idea that Western women are all about feminism and equal rights. In Russia, a woman shouldn’t be carrying anything but her purse. Her man is expected to help her carry shopping bags, and if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, husband, or male friend around, many men consider it the perfect opportunity to offer a helping hand and start a conversation with a single Russian lady.,single Russian woman

All Russian women are ‘devushkas’

If you chat online Russian lady and decide to flaunt your skills and knowledge of the Russian language (obviously, you used Google Translator for this), never should you ever address a Russian woman as “zhenshina” (woman) even if she’s in her 50s or 60s. In Russia, women can get offended when someone refers to them as “zhenshina” rather than “devushka” (young girl).

In Soviet Russia, women never arrive on time

If you’re looking for Russian women to date, don’t be surprised if your girlfriend is always late for dates. When it comes to dating, Russian women never arrive right on time not only because they take years to get ready (it does take efforts to wear hot Russian bikini), but also because there is an unwritten rule in Russia that women should always be late for dates (even if it means having to hide for 15 minutes around the corner near the location where you agreed to meet).

When dating Russian girls, be a gentleman

When dating Russian women, never forget the chivalry. Being a gentleman may not be that popular in Western countries, where women strive for equal rights, but in Russia, chivalry can score you extra points. Being a gentleman means helping her with the coat and opening doors for her.  Not only for Russian sexy girls, but for all the females.

Forget those stereotypes

Ditch stereotypes about Russian women and Russia in general. The worst thing you can do when chatting with a Russian girl is mention something about vodka, bears, or Putin. Strive to exploring the Russian culture and traditions rather than believing stereotypes about the country. A man who is trying to learn more about the Russian culture and traditions will score more points than a man whose knowledge of Russia is limited to some archaic stereotypes.

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