Trying to Be Perfect: You’re Perfectly Imperfect

Look, you’ve probably clicked on this thinking, “yeah, right – you just don’t realize how imperfect I am.”

But here’s the deal: being perfect is a myth.

Have you ever wondered what triggered your aspiration to this faux-perfectionism? For most people, it was either school bullying, insults on social media or other short- and long-term events that had a negative impact on their self-esteem.

You see, the idea of perfectionism takes its roots in our past or present day struggles. When someone or something makes us feel imperfect, we tend to seek acceptance from the others by pretending we have the ‘perfect’ traits.

Many of us aren’t swayed by the negativism and move on telling themselves, “I don’t care about other people’s opinion. I am who I am.”

Others, meanwhile, end up second-guessing themselves and hide behind a wall of faux-perfection.

If you’re the latter, your life is probably not what you want it to be. If this sounds a lot like you, you should quit trying to be perfect.,single dating

Ask yourself these questions

  1. Are you unhappy with your snaps on Instagram because you can’t quit comparing yourself to other people or celebrities?
  2. Do you feel like most of what you do in your life is just a pretense and you’re doing all that just to impress others or seek acceptance from others?
  3. Are you using the phrases “I’m so imperfect” and “I need to do this and that or look this and that to be perfect” in your internal monologues?

If you’re nodding your head as you read through these questions, you do have a problem.

Why it’s a problem

You will never be able to actually enjoy yourself if you keep chasing some faux-perfectionism ideals.

You see, these ideals change over time. A decade ago, supermodels told you to lose tons of weight and be as slim as possible. Today, there’s an obsession with plus-size models and body positivism.

Or if you’re a man, 10 years ago you had to rock an emo hairstyle and cardigans. Today, celebrities are urging you to wear rap culture-inspired baggy clothes, Yeezys and rock any hairstyle but emo.

Perfection ideals change over time, which means you’ll never be able to reach that ‘perfection’.

Have you ever wondered why celebrities feel on top of their game and have impeccable self-esteem? That’s because they get to start trends.

A celebrity can put dried leaves on his head, and before you know it, people will be mastering that hairstyle just to fit in.

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Is the real you already perfect?

Here’s the deal: don’t look for acceptance externally. Rather, accept yourself. You see, there is only one unique you that has ever existed in this world.

What’s inside of you – that’s the perfect you. The act you put on for show – that’s the imperfect version of you.

Embrace your interests and passions in life. Embrace the way you look. Don’t lie to yourself – you’re not going to be happier just because you start wearing the same clothes as the cool dudes.

Confidence comes from accepting yourself as you are and mastering your own ideals. You will never be able to actually like yourself if you keep trying to fit in.

As you keep trying to seek acceptance from other people, you’re taking yourself further away from the authentic you.

But what if that authentic you is already perfect and you just keep unintentionally making a fool of yourself?

You see, people can spot a fake person from miles away, which is why it’s being faux-perfect will get you nowhere. A girl on an online dating website will never be interested in dating a fake dude.

If your attitude is not in line with your inner insecurities, thoughts and beliefs, you’ll never be able to feel free.

You’re perfectly imperfect – embrace it and live your life to the fullest. After all, no matter how many pounds you lose, cars you own or trendy clothes you wear, you can’t run away from the inner, perfect you.

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