Study Shows What Women Find Most Physically Attractive in Men

A new study has figured out the most physically attractive part of a man’s body according to women. For centuries, men have wondered, “What is it about a man that women are attracted to?”

Some thought it’s their wallet, other think it’s their masculinity. Some say it’s a man’s broad shoulders, huge biceps, and chiseled abs that attract a woman.

It turns out, all of these theories were wrong all along. According to a new study by the science journal Royal Society Open Science, females actually care about the length of a man’s legs. The study concluded that “evolutionary pressures” have a strong impact on romantic perceptions in women to this very day.

Females are naturally programmed to select healthy male specimens to become the fathers of their children. Even if a woman isn’t looking for a relationship with a man to start a family, these “evolutionary pressures” can take over and influence her selection process in any relationship.

According to researchers, a good indicator of a man’s health is the proportions of his body. To be more exact, it’s the length of his legs. Here at, we can attest to that. Our own statistics show that taller men – who tend to have longer legs than their shorter counterparts – get more messages on the online dating app compared to men whose height is below average.

Researchers Thomas M. M. Versluys, Robert A. Foley and William J. Skylark reached their conclusion by measuring the body proportions of 9,000 men in the U.S. military. Then they compiled the data to generate computer simulations of average male body proportions.

Russian ladyThe simulations of various body types were shown to several hundred women to rank physical attractiveness for each body type. In the simulations, the researchers made the man’s arms and legs longer and shorter to get different rankings.

The experiment determined that male arms presented little to no interest to female participants. Women’s eyes were on the male legs. To be more specific, the length of the legs relative to the male’s body had the most significant effect on women.

According to the study, the ideal male height from a woman’s perspective is a bit taller than 175cm, which is the male average. The evolutionary aspect of females’ physical attractiveness toward men could be that men with shorter legs have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

When looking for a partner, women unconsciously focus on finding the healthiest specimen. Lead researcher William Skylark wrote in the study that longer legs are “associated with high socioeconomic status, good nutrition and developmental stability,” as well as biomechanical efficiency.

And while it’s true that taller male users of get more attention and messages from females on the dating app, it doesn’t mean that shorter men are doomed to be lonely. Our data shows that the selection process of a potential partner for an average female users at goes beyond focusing on the physical or evolutionary aspects.

Thus, even a shorter man can attract a woman on by creating a witty dating profile, sending personalized and engaging direct messages, and mentioning his strong qualities without being untruthful or boasting about his success too much.

Height is one of the most common things men tend to lie about on their online dating profile. However, lying about the height can only compromise the man’s confidence and masculinity when a woman finds out his actual height. Embracing his height as it is, on the other hand, showcases a man’s high self-esteem, which, in its part, attracts women.

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