CharmDate Reveals: A Stigma Is No Longer Attached To Online Dating

With thousands of new users signing up on, the world’s leading Russian dating site, on a weekly basis, the idea of meeting someone online is becoming more mainstream, accepted, and normalized than ever before.

For decades, there had been a stigma attached to online dating. But in the year 2019, when more than 35% of newly married couples admit to having met via online dating sites, that archaic and unjustified stigma continues to fade at an exponential rate.

There’s still a relatively small percentage of people who view online dating as something unromantic and untraditional, while the vast majority of people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s have successfully adopted online dating into their love life as a tool to meet new dating

Is there still a stigma attached to international online dating?

There used to be a stigma attached to online dating not only on a domestic level, but also on an international level. For decades, the phrase “international online dating” had made many people immediately think about mail order bride services, which no longer appears to be the case.

International online dating has long become normalized in many societies. In Russia, more than half of female population in the 20-40 age group admits to having a dating profile on at least one international online dating platform, and the numbers continue to grow on a yearly basis.

The growing popularity of online dating in Russia is evident from the ever-rising popularity of, the leader among its competitors in the region. An increasing number of single Russian girls sign up on CharmDate to expand their search of love beyond Russia and neighboring countries originating from the collapse of the USSR.

How CharmDate has reshaped the online dating universe

CharmDate’s continued outperformance is a clear sign that the negative stigma attached to online dating is becoming non-existent, with millions of people of all ages, nationalities, and races growing accustomed to the idea of meeting new people online.

In the age of Instagram and obsession with traveling, the growing popularity of online dating makes perfect sense. As traveling continues to erase the borders between countries and continents, an ever-increasing number of people ditch the stigma associated with international online dating.

This is evident from the rising number of interracial and international couples who met online. A large percentage of foreign men want to date Russian women, and more often than not, CharmDate becomes the go-to online dating platform for these men.russian girl

How CharmDate has become the world’s leading Russian dating platform

Just a few decades ago, dating a Russian woman or being married to a hot Russian lady was a distant and unrealistic dream for many Western men. But in the year 2019, pretty much anyone can date and marry Russian women thanks to online dating sites such as CharmDate.

CharmDate’s features available to daters allow men to get a real experience of interacting with Russian women by using such features as CamShare and Send Virtual Gifts. Since Russian ladies are traditionally more cautious when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, it might take months or even years to reach the point when a girl is comfortable enough to meet in person.

However, the wide selection of features available on CharmDate allow foreign men to go on dates with Russian women much faster, because the ability to communicate via a webcam helps establish a bond between two people much faster than simply relying on text-based chatting.

The CamShare feature is what makes CharmDate stand out from its pool of competitors in the online dating universe. Unfortunately, the ever-rising popularity of online dating has encouraged fraudsters to flood dating sites in an attempt to defraud people, steal money and personal information.

Luckily, CharmDate might be one of few online dating platforms that puts the safety of its users’ personal information above everything else. A team of IT specialists at CharmDate understands the importance of protecting its users from fraudsters and hackers who prey on unsuspecting victims online, which is why there are little to no complaints from CharmDate’s users about fraud and hacking.

Why 2019 is the perfect year to date Russian women online

As millions of Russian women continue to rank CharmDate as the best Russian dating site and app, Western men who want to meet single Russian girls should definitely consider signing up on CharmDate. It takes less than three minutes to create an account on CharmDate and begin interacting with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

As the stigma attached to international online dating continues to fade and an ever-increasing number of Russian women view online dating as the best way to find love, foreigners have a unique chance to meet a Russian girl. That unique chance exists at CharmDate, which offers a wide selection of features to make the lives of online daters as easy as it can be.

Sign up on CharmDate today and see all the benefits that online dating has to offer in the modern era.

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