Dating Apps Don’t Prevent Love, Recent Studies Find

 A common misconception is that dating apps only encourage casual relationships. Consequently, this has discouraged most singles from trying their luck in finding love online.

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However, a new study by the University of Geneva (UNIGE) has proven that these impressions are far from the truth. According to the study, online dating apps are not only a popular way for people to meet casually but also a great way to establish strong long-term relationships with beautiful Russian girls.

This is good news for those who want to explore their options of finding love online. Dating apps offer greater access to potential partners than the traditional methods. This is especially true for those that have a difficult time to meet Russian babes in their day-to-day life during this time of the pandemic.

The Study Findings

The Geneva research, which was published in the PLOS ONE journal, sought to investigate the couple composition, the individual well-being and relationship satisfaction of couples; and their intention to begin a family.

According to Gina Potarca, a researcher from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, the internet is significantly changing the dynamics of people meet their partners. Gina said that dating apps require minimal effort and have little to no-third party interruption.

Gina used the Swiss Federal Statistical Office 2018 family survey in the research. The study investigated 3,235 people who were above the age of 18 years who met their partners in the previous decade.

According to the researchers of the findings, dating websites were originally used by divorcees and individuals above 40 years. However, this changed with the introduction of mobile dating apps, and Russian dating is no exception.

Unlike dating websites, mobile dating apps are very easy to use since they don’t include a lot of personality tests and length questionnaires. Hence, this has provided more opportunities for younger men to meet Russian women.

Intentions to Start a Family

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The findings indicate that couples who meet through dating apps have stronger intentions to cohabitate compared to those that meet through conventional ways. Similarly, it established that women who met their better half on dating apps have greater intentions and desires to have children in the near future compared to women that met their partners’ offline.

However, the study did not emphasize whether the final intention of the couples was to cohabitate for the short term or long term.

Relationship Satisfaction

App-formed couples also said that they found satisfaction with their relationship just like couples who met in the offline environment. This is despite the fears and concerns that many people have regarding the deterioration of quality for relationships formed through online sites.

Diverse Socio-Educational Profile

Something else that the study sought to investigate is the role of dating apps for couples with the diverse socio-educational profile. According to the researcher, dating apps offer more opportunities for individuals with different levels of education to meet. It, especially, encourages highly-educated women to meet men with low education levels.

Furthermore, dating sites make it easier to meet Russian ladies that are not in your immediate region. Consequently, this encourages long-distance relationships. The findings indicate that couples with more diversified socio-educational profiles might need to use visual selection methods.

Does This Mean that Dating Apps Hindering Love is Common Misconception?

With the findings of this study in mind, it is normal to wonder whether people have been having the wrong attitudes towards dating apps. According to Matthew Solomon, a speaker, relationship coach, and best-seller author, it is a false impression that Russian girls dating sites are only good for casual relationships.

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Solomon went on to say that it is possible for people to get what they are looking for in dating apps, whether it is a casual relationship, long-term relationship, or something in between. With dating sites, Solomon believes that dating sites allow you to be upfront when you are looking for beautiful Russian girls.

You have the option to state what you are looking for, making it easier to find a Russian woman who is looking for the same thing. So, whether you are after a casual relationship or a long-term relationship with a Russian beauty, you can make it upfront on the dating site.

 Irene Schreiner, LMFT echoes the same sentiments saying that dating sites serve as a filter to narrow down potential Russian girls based on the qualities that you are after. According to Irene, it is important to identify your deal-breakers and must-haves when joining a dating site.

You should also create an honest profile so that Russian women know what you want and the qualities that matter to you. Make sure that you use real photos of yourself to let potential partners know you and your personality.

However, Solomon is quick to note that pictures should not the factor used to narrow down your list. Of course, you should expect that dating sites won’t offer instant energy and attraction like when you meet someone face-to-face for a Russian chat. Therefore, if you are looking to meet someone online, be sure to keep an open mind.


Although dating apps are associated with people who have dubious motives, recent scientific evidence has shown that this is not always the case. Ultimately, it is about time that people changed their attitudes towards online Russian dating apps.

These apps offer an abundance of meeting potential partners regardless of the region or country. They are also a good place to start looking for a potential partner to start a long-relationship with.

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