Autumn Day Trip in Ukraine: Where to Go to Meet Ukrainian Woman?

Warm, sunny summer days are over. But despite the chilly weather in Ukraine, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in the Eastern European country.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is the best place to start your autumn day trip in Ukraine. In this city of contrasts, magnificent architecture, and breathtakingly beautiful local women, autumn is not a season of melancholy.

It is the season of new, exciting experiences and interesting people.

As the weather gets colder, there is an influx of Ukrainian people on the streets strolling around the city while sipping on warm, freshly brewed coffee.

CharmDate has prepared a guide on how to spend a day trip in Kiev in autumn. When putting together this guide, we had two goals in mind: (1) to help you visit the fascinating places of the city, and (2) help you meet gorgeous Ukrainian women.

meet gorgeous Ukrainian wome

Take a Walk in Kiev Parks

Although there are plenty of people taking long walks in Kiev parks in summer, it is even more exciting to go to parks in autumn to witness millions of leaves turning yellow-gold before they fall to the ground.

One of the go-to parks in Kiev to visit as a foreigner is Hryshko National Botanical Garden. Not only does the park has thousands of different trees, flowers, and other plants, but it is also a place with an abundance of beautiful local girls.

Ukrainian women usually go there with their girlfriends to take new photographs for their social media and dating site profiles, posing in front of colorful trees.

Another popular destination of local women in autumn is Mariinsky Park in Kiev. Conveniently, it is also a go-to destination for foreigners who want to visit the city’s top places in autumn. This park is located not far from the central street – Khreschatyk Street.

One of the most prominent pearls of the park is the Mariinsky Palace, which was built in the middle of the 18th century. Another jewel of this park is the massive number of gorgeous Ukrainian ladies per square meter.

beautiful local girls

Stroll Along the Khreschatyk Street

Khreshatyk is the lifeblood of the city and the main destination for tourists and foreigners. Not surprisingly, the central street is full of shops, restaurants, and bars, where you can drink, smoke hookah, eat delicious food and chat with locals.

If a tourist is planning to have fun while staying in Ukraine during the autumn day trip, Khreshatyk street is the go-to destination.

While strolling along the capital’s main street, you cannot help but notice how many attractive women there are in Ukraine. From there, a tourist can get to Maidan Nezalezhnosti, which is Kiev’s central square, and, as mentioned earlier, visit Mariinsky Park.

Visit Historical Places

If you are more of a person who wants to absorb a foreign city’s architecture and historical places, you might want to visit the Andriyivskyy Descent, which is full of museums and historical attractions.

One of the main attractions of Andriyivskyy Descent is the Castle of Richard the Lionheart. Also, fans of historical places should visit Kiev Pechersk Lavra and Saint Sophia Cathedral, both of which were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you want to meet an educated Ukrainian woman, these places are an excellent place to start your autumn’s journey in Kiev.

Go to a Themed Festival

Autumn can be quite cold in Ukraine, which is why local people keep themselves warm with various themed festivals where they have plenty of fun.

If you have a chance to visit Kiev in autumn, especially somewhere in October, you can visit plenty of culture exhibitions, concerts, festivals of food, fashion events, and other themed festivals.

These festivals and events are a great place to meet a local woman from Kiev as locals are not eager to stay home when it is getting colder. They go out and keep themselves warm with fun activities.

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