Charmdate: How to Know Your ‘League’ in Russia Dating? Are Gorgeous Russian Women Out of Your League?

One of the most common myths about Russia dating is that you can only talk to Russian girls online as long as they are in your league. If you’re not familiar with the phrase “She’s out of your league,” you’re lucky.

Charmdate,gorgeous Russian ladiesWhen we say “league” we don’t mean it as if there are some kind of formal alliances or clans of people who cannot date people from outside their league. When your mate says something along the lines of, “Why would you approach gorgeous Russian ladies? Pff, dude, don’t waste your and her time, she’s out of your league!” what does he actually mean?

Basically, what he means is that these gorgeous local Russian women are too attractive in comparison to your level of attractiveness. But the idea that appearance is the primary factor for choosing a partner for single Russian women looking for men is plain wrong at best and shallow and offensive at worst.

And while we wholeheartedly believe that the notion of “league in dating terms” is wrong, let’s not deny the fact that many foreigners actually believe in the idea of dating women only within their league.

Do your looks actually matter in Russia dating?

Unless you’re a shallow person, your potential partner’s appearance shouldn’t matter that much in a relationship. After all, a man’s looks cannot make his girlfriend or wife happy in a long-term relationship if he’s an awful person, abusive boyfriend, or all he does is lying on the couch all day long.

If you don’t know how to pick up Russian women, and you think that you shouldn’t even bother trying to approach beautiful women from outside your “league,” think again.

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First of all, how do you actually know that this woman is out of your league? Multiple studies have shown that people are unable to rate their own looks fairly, unbiasedly and correctly. In other words, just because you think that you’re ugly does not necessarily mean that the woman you’ve been chatting with on online dating sites feels the same way about your appearance (what if she actually thinks that you’re cute?).

So if you’re trying to find your “league” in dating terms, stop wasting your time and deliberately limiting your dating opportunities and ambitions.

What your ‘league’ should mean to you

If you’re trying to meet a single woman in Russian senior dating, and you want her to be from your “league,” look at your league as everything you want from your relationship. Is she truly the one who will keep you happy for years to come? And are you someone who’d fill the empty void in her heart?

Regardless of whether you’re into Russian or Ukraine date, if you’re looking for a girlfriend for a long-term relationship, ignore those shallow aspects such as your appearance and financial success and focus on your good qualities. What makes you better than her other suitors?

By approaching a gorgeous Russian woman and with the thought, “Oh, I’m about to get rejected because she’s so out of my league!” you’re intentionally making yourself fail without realizing it. After all, if you do something with the expectation of imminent failure, you will most likely fail.

Don’t let the idea of “league in dating terms” occupy your mind and ruin your love life. Your league is who you are and how you define yourself in a relationship. You are a combination of your good qualities. Your league is not solely based on appearances or other shallow aspects. It’s time to step up your dating game and start dating gorgeous Russian ladies!

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