Charmdate: What are key reasons for getting ghosted and not bagging a second date with a cute Russian?

You may have done much dating before but perhaps, this is your first time around for dating Russian women. You select a cute Russian from your mobile dating app and you are already through with your first date with her. You may have walked away, assuming that the date was a good one but you do not find her excited when you ask her for a second date. What could have gone wrong? Here are some big reasons on why you can get ghosted and why it becomes difficult to bag a second date with that cute Russian.

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It is not easy to analyse. It may have been something you said during the last date. Still, you cannot brush it off and blame her for being inconsiderate and rude. These are the key reasons why you fail to get a second date –

  • Hot Russian girls believe in hot chemistry between them and their dates. During your last date, you may have felt some sparks flying when you met that cute Russian but it does not necessarily mean that such a feeling was mutual. She may not have felt physically attracted to you when she met you. The best thing to do in such a case is not to take it personally. You can start all over again and the chemistry may work with a different girl as for each person who does not feel that you are attractive; there are many others who do find you attractive. All you need to do is to look up the Russian babes gallery and you will have a whole assortment of babes available for dating.
  • You may have made that grave error of bringing up a discussion about your ex girlfriend. During your dates or on online dating sites, remember not to enter the dark side by bringing up a discussion about your ex girlfriend and that too, on a first date. Top Russian girlsare not interested in hearing you wallow or express your frustration or anger. They may begin to feel that they could be on the receiving end of your anger some day.
  • Even the best Russian girlmay get bored with you and deny you that second date if your last encounter looked more like an interview for her. In such a case, do not be worked up when you go on your first date. There is a strong possibility that the girl you are meeting may be the person that you want to spend your life with and you may snuff your chances by sounding boring or speaking o her as if you are taking her interview. Stop wondering about why are Russian women beautiful and start acting natural with them and making Charmdate,dating Russian womenthem feel comfortable and relaxed in your company. You are both there to make your connection a romantic one and not look like a business meeting.
  • During a Russian live video chatand your encounter with some Russian Jewish girls, do not ever be inconsiderate and rude with your dates. If you do not want to be ghosted, then be ready to take up responsibility and be considerate to your date. You cannot make your date feel that you are really not there with her during the time you spend with her. Do not engage in phone conversations with others or look disoriented during your conversation with her.
  • You may have gone late for that first date. No one likes to wait on their first date. It brings in feelings of frustration. You cannot give excuses about getting stuck in traffic or working late somewhere. Going late for a date shows that you are indifferent and inconsiderate. No girl would like to rely on you then. You will never be given a second round of interview for a job if you go late for the first round itself. So, how do you expect to grab a second date?
  • You may have looked burned out from the whole process of previous dating and it may have begun to show to her. Do not let her feel that you have lost your enthusiasm of trying to look for good girls for yourself. It is better to take a long break from dating instead of being cynical or keeping a low faith profile during your first date with someone.

If you have understood that these are the reasons why you have failed to get a second date from that cute Russian, you would have done yourself a world of good for your future dating sessions.

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