Reasons Why Every Man Should Get Out Of His Comfort Zone On Dating Sites

Dating can be a challenge for a lot of men. While it may seem like things are telling you to try out new things on dating sites, your common sense will tell you that it is best to do things like how you used to. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with staying where you feel comfortable, but, if you want to expand your options, you have to step out of your safety shell.

As specified by Treva Scharf, you have many paths to venture out. Aside from going to new hangout places and opening up to new experiences, you can also try meeting people who are different from your usual type. Not yet convinced? Here are great reasons why you need to go out of your comfort zone!

Reasons To Get Out Of Comfort Zone While Dating

There are a number of reasons why every man should step out of his comfort zone while pursuing online dating. These are the following:

It Increases Your Dating Options

It is natural for us to find someone who shares interests with us. For example, if you like books, you will probably want to have a partner who is also interested in spending time in a bookstore, reading her favorite novel in a cafe, and browsing the web for the latest book reviews.

Unfortunately, this may lead to you living in an echo chamber. You will, unintentionally, keep yourself from learning new things and expanding your vision, which are crucial for your development as a man and a partner.

So, why don’t you try finding someone with a different hobby and interest than yours? Maybe you can try getting to know a girl who regularly hits the gym or a lady who spends her weekends hiking mountains. Try this and you should learn how captivating the world can be.

The point is that sticking to your comfort zone limits your opportunities to see greater things or people.

It Widens Your Perspective

It is only normal to have a preference. Part of human nature is the capacity to decide what he/she thinks is good for him/her. Nevertheless, that subjectivity limits your chance to see the beauty lying beyond the standards you have set.

By going for diversity of speed dating, you broaden your perspectives more. Aside from considering race, culture, educational attainment, or class background, you can also be open-minded in trying to date someone with a different religion, political views, artistic taste, or chosen hobbies.

It Enables You To Appreciate More Things

The comfort zone is there because it is your safe space. But being safe means you’re not willing to take risks, and this can rob you of the enjoyment that you can have. Consider selecting the kind of dates as an illustration. A dinner date will be the most secure choice, right? But does that improve your chances of finding a partner?

How about doing a bit out of the ordinary, like attending a pottery class or visiting an amusement park? There’s no harm in trying new experiences in dating. Discovering the unknown is the only way to gauge whether you’re capable of going forward in the relationship or not.

It Helps You Recover From Past Experiences

The invisible walls you set up might be the product of your past unfavorable experiences. It takes a lot of courage to overcome them and that is why you settle what makes you safe. However, you risk losing yourself the opportunity to heal.

Questions like “What if she makes me really happy” or “What if she’s the one I can count on” can hit you hard. It is only by stepping out of your comfort zone that you can discover the answers to those what-ifs. And as you move forward, you will see yourself growing.

It Boosts Your Self-Esteem

As you get out of your shell and explore the undiscovered, you will begin to learn a lot of things. With that learning, you enhance your knowledge more on how to deal with whatever life throws at you. The more you explore, the more you learn and the better you become at dealing with different situations.

Consequently, this will lead to a gradual increase in self-esteem. Not only do you become confident about yourself, but you will also feel assured that you are indeed a remarkable individual when you find that there are women seeking men out there. And nothing makes you more attractive and cooler to women than being a person brimming with self-assurance.

How To Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

Now that you are aware of the reasons why you should get out of your comfort zone while dating, it’s time to learn how to do so. Here are some great suggestions:

  • Stay healthy through proper diet and exercise in order to have a resilient mind and a strong body to back it up.
  • From time to time, pick up a talent that will help you get ready for how you’ll handle unforeseen circumstances.
  • Don’t often say “no” to opportunities but learn to calculate risk by weighing the pros and cons.
  • Be informed about cultural backgrounds and aware of societal issues like gender roles, racial stereotypes, and more.
  • Find an outlet of self-expression, whether through music, art, sports, or anything good, if simple communication is not enough


Dating enables a man to push himself to the limits, in a positive way. However, the decision to step out of the comfort zone on dating sites and venture into the unexplored aspects of dating is up to the man alone. Hopefully, the explanations stated above will be sufficient to encourage you. If you have a hard time putting that foot out of your shell, try to implement the suggested methods.

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