Why It’s Not A Good Idea to Give Your Phone Number On Dating Sites

It may feel natural for you to give someone from dating sites your phone number before meeting them. It allows you to keep the conversation flowing and coordinate your meet-up session with ease. But, as dating site popularity rises, more creeps and people with bad intentions are hopping on the bandwagon as well, making online dating no longer the safe space it used to be!

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What To Know Before Giving Someone On A dating site Your Phone Number

The reason you should not give your phone number to someone from a dating site too soon is that it can give away too much information to the person. While it feels like transitioning from dating site chats to text messages is a step in the right direction, you actually shouldn’t feel comfortable with a bunch of strangers having your personal phone number.

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No, you don’t have to be someone who binges on crime podcasts every night to know that it’s essential to be extra careful in the online dating world. The issue can even be more complicated when you’re an iPhone user. This is due to the phone’s “name-sharing” feature, which allows another person to know your full name only by saving your phone number.

Once someone knows your full name, it would be very easy for them to get your other details without you even permitting them. For example, they can simply type it in on LinkedIn and learn about where you work. It would also be very easy for them who your bosses and colleagues are, which can immediately turn into a real nightmare if they have bad intentions.

What To Do To Date Safely Online

Don’t fret if you’ve unknowingly allowed some people to have your phone number! A lot of us have made the same mistake and we are still alive and breathing until today, so you have no reason to stress out. The most important thing now is how you can prevent the same issue from happening again. And, to better ensure your online dating safety, you can add another layer of security by installing a phone service app that allows you to give strangers a “fake” phone number.

Yes, apps like that exist today and you don’t need to understand how exactly that secondary phone number works to use it. All you need to do is make an account and you’ll be able to text and call using one of those apps just like you would with your personal number. Nonetheless, you can stop worrying about the other person getting details related to your real number.

In addition to allowing you to use a secondary phone number, such phone apps also come with customizable features so you can have a personalized texting experience. For example, you can choose your own number, set up different notification sounds, and, when anyone is getting too annoying, there’s a block button to keep them from calling and texting you.

Other Online Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Now that you’ve turned off the phone-sharing feature and installed a fake number app on your phone, is there anything else you should do to minimize any online dating-related risks? Below are some of the safety measures you can use to do so!

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1. Use Other Means of Communication

Dating sites exist to help people mingle. So keep the conversations on dating sites you are using until you fully trust this person. Don’t say that you have to use text messages because these platforms also allow you to remain connected with the other person while doing a lot of things, from texting to exchanging pictures. 

2. Don’t Log In Using Social Media Accounts

Logging in to dating sites using social media accounts is a very convenient user experience, but it also comes with certain risks. By doing so, you’re allowing the other person to see your social media directly from the dating site unless you change the settings. So, if you want to be extra secure, make sure you log in to your dating site using your phone number or email next time.

3. Set Up Clear Boundaries

Not giving away your phone number is a clear sign that you want to set up boundaries with the other person, and the way they respond to it can show you their real intentions with you. You can from it how well they respond to rejections, which is a very crucial aspect to see from a person. When they’re okay with it, chances are they know how to respect your boundaries.

The Takeaway

Knowing how to stay safe in the online dating world is a must. A lot of dating sites out there already implemented policies to protect their users, but there are also many other things you can do to safeguard your personal safety and wellness. Alas, never let your guard completely down and follow the tips above for a safe and convenient online dating experience!

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